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Back in June, Biden smirked and mocked Republicans by asking them, “Where’s the money?” in response to the credible bribery allegations against him.

Now his words have come back to bite him. As the Daily Mail reported, Republicans today unveiled a $200,000 personal check from James Biden, one Biden’s younger brothers, to Old Joe. The GOP says is the strongest evidence yet that the president was directly involved in his family’s business dealings.

The House Oversight Committee obtained bankruptcy court documents showing James seized money from his healthcare business, Americore, and sent it directly to his big brother.

The documents demonstrate that in 2018, James Biden acquired $600,000 in loans from Americore.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) explained that James was able to obtain the loans based upon “representations” that the name Biden could “open doors.”

Comer also goes to say even under the most generous possible scenario, a personal loan repayment, this was “troubling.”

Even if this was a personal loan repayment, it’s still troubling that Joe Biden’s ability to be paid back by his brother depended on the success of his family’s shady financial dealings.

Here is the personal check from little brother to the Big Guy. This demonstrates beyond any doubt Biden was 100% aware of and included in his corrupt family’s business dealings.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the House of Representatives held a hearing regarding whether to launch an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden based on the explosive evidence against him.

For example, the House Ways and Means Committee voted that month to release new documents from IRS whistleblower testimony confirming that Hunter Biden sold access to his father, Joe Biden, via the “family brand. This suggested an effort by the Biden Crime Family to sway US policy decisions. Comer also dropped a bombshell that Hunter Biden had been wired over $250,000 from China in 2019 using Joe Biden’s Delaware home as the address for the two wire transfers.

Biden was also aware of his son’s dealings and sat in on at least 20 calls and multiple dinners with his son’s business partners, according to Devon Archer.

The Big Guy also used various private email addresses from which he would sometimes send, receive and forward government correspondence according to emails found on Hunter’s laptop. “Robin Ware,” “Robert L. Peters” and “JRB ware’ were the three pseudonyms used on emails by Joe Biden on official and family business.

Now, with this undeniable evidence, when will the impeachment proceedings begin?

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