Trump roasted the dissenting members of the Libertarian Party during their convention after they booed him.

The anti-Trumpers and RFK supporters at the Libertarian National Convention who booed President Trump and later nominated a far-left authoritarian were caught on video trying to remove pro-Trump DC Young Republican attendees from their convention so they could disrupt President Trump’s speech. 

As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump spoke to a mixed crowd at the Libertarian National Convention 2024 on Saturday, marking the first time in history a President has addressed the convention.


Trump went into the lion’s den of Washington DC and delivered a phenomenal speech to a not-so-friendly crowd.

According to Politico, “As delegates gathered at the Washington Hilton on the eve of his speech, the party’s decision to host the former president, which had split the organization, erupted Friday into open revolt. Fuming delegates at the convention said they plan to protest Trump’s speech, and one group sought unsuccessfully to remove the former president along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from the agenda — a move that resulted in thrown punches and obscenities between supporters and opponents of the move.”

RFK, in a speech on Friday, reportedly told the Libertarians that “Neither President Trump nor President Biden have held the Constitution seriously when it really mattered” and attacked Trump over the COVID-19 lockdowns that Trump didn’t support.

The hostile pro-RFK wing of the Libertarian National Convention decided to make their presence known by shouting vulgarities throughout the convention and attempting to silence pro-Trump voices in the crowd.

Over 200 patriots from the MAGA DC Young Republicans (DCYRs) were in attendance to see President Trump speak in Washington, DC, and some were harassed by angry anti-Trump Libertarians attempting to remove them.

DC Young Republicans National Committeewoman Kingsley Wilson told The Gateway Pundit that when members of the DCYRs arrived at the convention, there were “tons of open seats” that were not reserved and had no signs to indicate they were reserved. Attendees were told that seats in the front would be reserved for Libertarian Delegates, but seats in the back were free to take. However, after two hours of sitting and waiting, “we were told, you know, to get out of those seats,” said Wilson. “A lot of our folks that were sitting in the middle to back sections were told they could sit there as well, and then, subsequently, told they couldn’t. So lots of mixed messaging, very disorganized, but you know, we kind of just pulled a Rosa Parks and kept our seats. We were there to see President Trump and support him.”

It would appear that those who wanted to disrupt the president’s historic speech with boos and noise-making devices did not want to compete with cheers and applause from a large crowd of Trump supporters.

“When we got there, lots of anti-Trump folks (mostly RFK supporters) were passing out kazoos and squeaky chickens while folks waited in the security line and said they were going to use them to disrupt the president’s speech,” said Wilson.

DC Young Republicans shared the following clip from Saturday night on X, commenting, “Regime Libertarians try to get security to kick DCYRs out of seats at the Libertarian Convention”:

They later followed up by trolling the libs at the Libertarian Convention with the “I’m not f*cking leaving” clip from the Wolf of Wall Street film:

Wilson pointed out the hypocrisy on X, saying, “So much for the Marketplace of Ideas.”

The rabid Never-Trumpers who tried to kick DCYRs out of the convention also booed Utah GOP Senator Mike Lee off of the stage as he closed his speech encouraging attendees to vote for Donald Trump:

“There was obviously a lot of anti-Trump agitators in the crowd, and those folks were perhaps most aggressively telling us to get out of the seats,” said Wilson. “A lot of the people that were trying to block our view and obstruct us were people who had anti-Trump signs that were like ‘screw Trump’”

“We were very proud to be there and stand with [Trump], but definitely a lot of hostility from the Libertarian Convention, especially the organizers and various agitators throughout the crowd,” Wilson added, noting that “It was cool to see Trump go into a hostile environment like that, and really make his case to the Libertarian Party and say basically, ‘come with me and win or keep getting 3%.’”

Wilson also noted that the DC Young Republicans “deal with this kind of hostility on a daily basis, so we’re accustomed to it, and we’re happy to stand with President Trump because he does the same thing.”

Despite RFK Jr. and his supporters’ attempts to sabotage Trump at the convention, it was still a success for the president.

President Trump seemingly won over the crowd of libertarians when he promised the Libertarian Party that he would include a Libertarian in his cabinet and would place Libertarians in his administration. He was also met with thunderous applause and cheers when he announced that he would commute the sentence of Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht on day one.

Wilson told The Gateway Pundit that in the end, it was “half and half,” with many Libertarians being “very open to Voting for President Trump,” especially after vowing to commute Ulbricht’s sentence. “But there were certainly some, I would say, in my conversations that just had severe TDS, just totally deranged, and had no interest in supporting President Trump really no matter the concessions or promises or olive branches that he extended to them,” Wilson added.

The Gateway Pundit reported that RFK was booted from the Libertarian Party’s nomination process during Sunday’s first round of voting after receiving just 19 votes, which represents about two percent. Instead, the Libertarian Party nominated Chase Oliver, a woke 38-year-old openly gay former Democrat, who supports the Marxist terror group Black Lives Matter, medical mandates, drag queen story hours, open borders, and Big Tech censorship.

As President Trump told the crowd, “Keep getting your 3% every four years.”

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