Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is on a roll signing bills to curtail freedoms in the Land of Lincoln.

Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court found an assault weapons ban constitutional.  The high court also upheld the Pretrial Fairness Act provision of the Safety, Accountability, Equity, Transparency-today Act, meaning that cash bail will be eliminated in Illinois in 60 days, a massive win for criminals.

Pritzker signed HB 3653 THE SAFE-T (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity- Today) ACT into law in February.

Oak Park,  a suburb of Chicago, has become the first Midwestern town to ban fossil fuels, like natural gas, in new homes and commercial buildings.

The Illinois House and Senate passed Bill 3751 allowing some work-eligible non US citizens to serve in law enforcement in the state.  The bill was signed by Pritzker in July.

Now, Pritzker has signed the Illinois Civil Liability for Doxing Act.

Under the new law, Illinoians are now at risk, under the law, for writing or sharing in any manner…..even truthful, simple facts.

WirePoints reports that the new law, “lets those who are doxed bring lawsuits for damages against the doxer, subject to certain broad, vague requirements described below.”

While the definition of “Doxing” most commonly used is sharing personal information about someone on the internet that makes them vulnerable to harassment, shaming or revenge.

But, while the new law uses the word doxing to garner sympathy or a concerning danger on social media, the new law has an entirely different definition in the law.

WirePoints reports:

The law is over-broad, going far beyond the malicious conduct normally associated with doxing. To understand, imagine doing any of the following -– things you would think surely could not expose you to liability for doxing. Then we will check through what the law says is required to make you liable, which probably will surprise you.

  • You write on social media, “Look at Sam Smith’s Facebook page. He says he couldn’t care less about the victims of the Highland Park mass murder and that the right to own assault weapons is God-given.”

  • You send out a group email with a copy of a pamphlet from a local Communist Party chapter showing their members’ names.

  • You publish on the internet the names of the three Illinois lawmakers with the most extreme views on abortion along with your reasons why.

  • You write a column that you post on the internet naming certain public school teachers you think are exceptionally bad for promoting critical race theory and gender alteration for minors, along with your reasons why.

You can read the WirePoints disturbing report here.

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