How to Help the Gender Dysphoric

Attorney Mary Rice Hasson is the Kate O’Beirne Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., where she co-founded and directs the Person and Identity Project, an initiative that equips parents and faith-based institutions to promote the truth about the human person and counter gender ideology.

Mary’s organization helps doctors and counselors be compassionate caregivers to those presenting with gender dysphoria while still being faithful to their own conscience.

“Human nature is denied by our culture, and specifically by gender ideology. It’s like, if there is no Designer, there is no design. And if there is no Creator, there is no natural order to things. And therefore, we can do what we want,” Mary says.

“What science can tell us about the human being is, we know we are male and female. There are only two sexes, and you can’t change sex … There’s no third sex. There’s no spectrum, etc. What actually happens to people when you start living according to this ideology? What are the consequences? Well, we know it causes tremendous harm.”

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When Justice Fails: A Clerical Abuse Survivor’s Thoughts on the Dismissal of Theodore McCarrick’s Criminal Charges

By Faith Hakesley at “Advice from a Survivor.”

Sometimes earthly justice fails.

In a devastating blow to survivors of clerical abuse, the legal justice system in Massachusetts has dismissed the criminal charges of sexual abuse against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Medical professionals agree that he is suffering from dementia and is no longer mentally competent to stand trial.

Sadly, the victims in this case have been failed. The justice due to McCarrick will not be served in this life.

For McCarrick’s victims, this probably feels like he is being shown mercy because his mind is failing. He’ll no longer be held accountable for his crimes. Yet, the victims he left in his wake are the ones who suffer a life sentence of living with the consequences of someone else’s actions.

How fortunate for the former cleric that he is perhaps able to forget! His victims will never forget.

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Elon Musk’s “Trans” Son is Still His Son

“Elon Musk is raising awareness of gender indoctrination,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. “What Musk calls the ‘woke mind virus’ has touched him personally.”

A biography scheduled for release September 12 discloses that the Tesla CEO’s oldest son, Xavier, at 16 decided to “identify” as female and change his name to Jenna.

Morse explained, “Musk blames this family tragedy, which led to his son cutting off all communication with him, on the ‘progressive’ private school Xavier attended in Los Angeles.”

Musk said, “Unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilization will never become multiplanetary.”

Morse commented: “However one feels about space travel, Musk is correct about the anti-human nature of the woke ideology in general and transgenderism in particular. He also opposes surgeries for minors that attempt to alter the body’s appearance to conform to gender fantasies.”

“Although most media reports describe Xavier as a ‘trans woman,’ in reality, he’s still a man, regardless of what he calls himself or does to his body, chemically or surgically. Elon Musk’s son is still his son.”

“One of the most prominent men in the world can help raise awareness of the ‘virus’ being spread by schools, government and the media. Musk has become a high-profile ally in the war for our children’s future,” Morse said.

The Ruth Institute’s Transgender Resource Center contains science, testimonies and sound thinking to help navigate the treacherous waters of the transgender ideology.


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