The latest news from the Vatican could turn all of us into very dangerous people. I feel the need to point this out, particularly to any law enforcement authorities who might be reading this. Catholic News Agency reports (and sorry about all the blather, but the ‘Catholic B.S. Generator’ is still kind of low-tech and buggy):

Pope Francis has called for a “paradigm shift” in Catholic theology that takes widespread engagement with contemporary science, culture, and people’s lived experience as an essential starting point.

Citing the need to deal with “profound cultural transformations,” the pope presented his dramatic vision for the future of Catholic theology in a new motu proprio issued earlier today.

“Theology can only develop in a culture of dialogue and encounter between different traditions and different knowledge, between different Christian confessions and different religions, openly engaging with everyone, believers and nonbelievers,” the pope wrote in the apostolic letter.

See what I mean? If ChatGPT can’t do better than that, I don’t see the point of using it. But let’s soldier on:

Pope Francis wrote that Catholic theology must experience a “courageous cultural revolution” in order to become a “fundamentally contextual theology.” Guided by Christ’s incarnation into time and space, this approach to theology must be capable of reading and interpreting “the Gospel in the conditions in which men and women live daily, in different geographical, social, and cultural environments,” the pope wrote.

The pope contrasted this approach with a theology that is limited to “abstractly re-proposing formulas and schemes from the past.”

Apostasy on the Installment Plan

You know, like … the Ten Commandments. Or the prohibitions of sodomy in the Old and New Testaments, not to mention countless such teachings by authoritative church councils, popes, and saints. Pope Francis pushed hard for public church “blessings” of same-sex-sinning couples, but had to retreat strategically when the blowback proved too violent.

Now he has made his faith-diluting, handpicked “Synod” process quasi-permanent, passing the ball to parishes where interminable struggle sessions led for at least the next year by carefully chosen IQ-90 progressives should wear down true believers into silence and compliance. I know that I wouldn’t keep showing up, week after week, to endure word salad like Francis’ repeated, again and again until BLURGH! (Pardon me while I go rinse my mouth.)

Only people with absolutely nothing else in their lives — or who get paychecks from groups controlled by Francis — will keep on haunting such meetings, so as the last nebbishes standing they’ll finally rubber-stamp the agenda of Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom.

We Must Convert to the World

But what if I took Francis at his word? After, you know, patiently diagramming the sentences to finally uncover in them some actual, tangible meaning? I’d take away from it that I’m not supposed to cling to ancient moral teachings of the Jews, the Apostles, the saints, and all his predecessors on the papal throne. Instead, I’m meant to soak in like some sponge in a latrine all the septic fluids washing around in our bathhouse of a culture. To stop the effort to convert the world, and instead be converted to it — the way churches emptied all across the West by vacuous pastors like Francis are being converted into mosques, apartment buildings, and occult, homoerotic BDSM gyms.

But not all of us would lurch into something as peaceable as gay Satanist fitness regimens. Some of us would take the post-Christian ideas and practices now being preached by the World which Francis so loves and wants to worship, and follow them into “contexts” that might horrify even him.

Soon We Will Be Vikings Again

Because the only factor restraining the West, now led by principalities and powers, from degenerating immediately into chaos and mass slaughter, are the lingering bits and pieces of old-fashioned Christian doctrine, still stuck between people’s teeth. The more completely people manage to purge themselves of “formulas and schemes from the past,” the more violent and destructive they will become.

We’ve already seen that in the bloodthirsty willingness of Black Lives Matter leaders to endorse the slaughter tactics of Hamas. Or the glee that COVID panic zealots took in the prospect that the unvaccinated might die. (How they gloated when Herman Cain did!) Or the vicious satisfaction that George Floyd riot supporters and Establishment Republicans take in the imprisonment of peaceful January 6 demonstrators.

I for one would like to accelerate this process. That’s right. Instead of watching the Gadarene Swine sort of amble and dawdle their way over the cliff, I want to shove them downhill quickly enough to force them to see what lies at the bottom: big pointy rocks and hungry crocodiles.

And it’s in that spirit that I ask an awkward, ugly question that liberal Christians and their masters among our elites won’t be able to answer — except by way of hissy fits and censorship, and outraged posts at Media Matters rife with smears meant to get The Stream canceled.

How Long Will It Be Till the Left Proposes Euthanasia for Trans Patients?

It’s not really a question of if this will happen, but when. My guess is ten years at most. The left has abandoned any pretense that human life in itself is sacred. That belief is one of those “formulas and schemes from the past” that Pope Francis agrees must be abandoned. (Otherwise he wouldn’t have scoffed at pro-life objections to the Dead Baby Vaccine, or have publicly embraced an unrepentant abortionist such as Emma Bonino, and population controllers like Jeffrey Sachs.)

It’s not just unborn babies that the left has abandoned. Progressives have long been supporters of euthanasia for terminally ill patients and mass abortion for Down Syndrome babies. Planned Parenthood directly helped to implement mass abortion for illegal second children (mostly girls) in Communist China.

But now our friends on the left have gone even further. In progressive Belgium, euthanasia is available for victims of Muslim terrorism. And in the crowning glory of modern leftist compassion, Canada now offers it for … the clinically depressed.

Why euthanize the depressed? Why not ask … why not? They’re already sad, and not enjoying their lives. And that’s the only possible reason one might want to continue living … to pile up more “happy moments” for your quota. If the state and its expensive socialized medicine system can’t arrange for you to feel chipper, and start paying taxes, it doesn’t want to waste millions on your futile medical care. It will give you what you want — or think you want, since in the old-fashioned system based on “formulas and schemes from the past” someone suicidal would have been considered at least temporarily insane, and hence unable to consent.

Think of the Cost Savings

The same sad facts are true about most trans patients. They have a vastly higher rate of psychiatric symptoms than the general public, with depression and suicide among the most common — even in “trans-friendly” societies and after they get the surgery and hormones their doctors convinced them they needed. Treating these people is a lot more expensive than treating just ordinary depressed Canadians. Accommodating their demands for bathroom access, pronoun compliance, and intrusion into opposite sex sports is not just costly but irritating. How long will it really take for secular progressives willing to kill the depressed to turn against the trans-folk?

Not as long as most people think. Not once men like Pope Francis have taken the tablets of the Law and tossed them into the Gadarene sea. But surely, you might think, the left sees the trans community as “allies,” and for that reason alone will likely spare them. That’s possible. But then again, the left once rejected anti-Semitism, too. 

Snowflakes Are Next to Be Melted

Along the same lines, I wonder how long society will bend over backwards for thin-skinned snowflakes of the kind our colleges keep turning out. Charlie Kirk has pointed out that at a college where he recently spoke, the school is offering counseling sessions to help students deal with the trauma:

Just how productive as taxpayers will students this fragile prove? Will they ever be useful employees, if they curl up in fetal balls at the first reprimand they receive … after a lifetime of harvesting As for virtually every assignment they ever turned in? These melting snowflakes will be less profitable, in fact, from a strictly utilitarian viewpoint than the Down Syndrome kids liberals so cheerfully abort.

I don’t see anything that will save the snowflakes from being deemed “life unworthy of life” and ending up in the cozy new death pods the Swiss are producing. At least nothing short of the Law and the Gospel. But the pope himself is urging us to look past such archaic relics.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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