School used to be the place where you would send your children to get a proper education.

It was a place where they could learn basic sciences and critical thinking skills.

Today, however, public schools are nothing more than propaganda centers indoctrinating children into the latest far-left ideologies.

Nowhere has this been made more evident than in the sexual education standards currently being disseminated to schools nationwide.

Developed by a coalition of left-wing nonprofit groups, the second edition of the National Sex Education Standards aspires to teach school children about various ideas many parents would likely object to, according to The Federalist.


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For instance, the standards require kindergarteners through second graders to learn about ideas related to transgenderism, including “gender” and “gender identity.”

Third graders are taught about “the role of hormone blockers” for transgender minors, an often irreversible procedure many consider to be tantamount to child abuse.

Starting in sixth grade — an age group of 11 and 12-year-olds — and by the end of eighth grade at age 13, students “should be able to” define oral, anal and vaginal sex.

This age group is also required to learn about the withdrawal method as a form of contraception.

Should these standards be taught at any school?

What is quite possibly the worst aspect of these standards is their promotion of killing unborn children.

Starting in sixth grade, students are taught about abortion — not as the horror that it is, but rather as a common option when faced with pregnancy.

Even worse, teachers are forced to provide information about local abortion clinics to students in ninth grade and up.

When it comes to standards on gender identity, the standards go as far as to subvert parental authority.

“No one else is qualified to label or judge another person’s sexual identity, including their sexual orientation or gender identity, and it is important that the language and terms young people use to identify themselves is respected by the adults in their lives,” the standards state.


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These ideas may soon be taught at a public school near you — that is, if they aren’t being taught there already.

The group’s previous standards — the National Sexuality Education Standards — were used by roughly 41.3 percent of school districts, according to a 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If these new standards are followed by a similar percentage of schools, it may be time to pull your child out of public school.


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