Former prosecuting attorney Kimberly Guilfoyle told Newsmax on Sunday that Hunter Biden’s indictment on three gun charges is welcome news, but if special counsel David Weiss is serious about doing his job, they won’t be the last charges President Joe Biden’s son faces.

“There needs to be much more than what we’re seeing right now,” Guilfoyle told “Newsline.” “Hunter Biden was at the center of the Biden crime family’s foreign corruption scheme. No question.

“He was the one that was the bag man for Joe Biden, and he did much more than just lie on a gun application. There needs to be an indictment under the foreign corruption statutes and the FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] violations acting as an unregistered foreign agent. Additionally, there should be tax charges brought.

“If the special counsel is actually going to do the job that he’s supposed to do, these charges should be brought against Hunter. This is just scratching the surface of the Biden crime corruption.”

Guilfoyle, an adviser to former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign who is engaged to Trump’s son Donald Jr., said Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, has his hands full.

“Yes, Abbe Lowell is a very talented attorney, but Hunter Biden is actually very guilty,” Guilfoyle said. “There are so many things that he’s looking at in terms of exposure for criminal activity. Abbe Lowell is going to have his hands full. This is quite extensive when you look at it across the board.”

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle speculated that Hunter Biden’s indictment might be a sign Democrats have lost faith in Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris because it is a “no-confidence vote” in a “failed presidency and administration.”

“Bit by bit, they’re going to compromise and undermine [Joe Biden] so that eventually it’s like, Well, we had no choice given what’s going on with Hunter. Before, they protected him; now they’re not.”

Guilfoyle believes her ex-husband, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, or maybe former first lady Michelle Obama — or both — will be drafted by Democrats to run in 2024.

“It’s just very clear to me that it’s not going to be the Biden-Harris team anymore because they are going to be put out to pasture, and it’s not like they want to elevate Kamala Harris,” Guilfoyle said. “She’s wildly unpopular. She has a lower rating even than Joe Biden, so that’s not going to be a good strategic move for them.

“They have to do something to have the ability to move them both to the side so that it’s just … who’s next on the bench and ready to go to advance and go against Donald Trump? That’s what’s going to happen here. And it’s a matter of time of when, not if.”



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