Government Voter Guide Information

This is a sample of the emails that was sent to mayors, city council, county commissioners, and other government-related candidates for which we had emails. If you are a government candidate and received a text message instead, the information below will provide the information you need to fill out your questionnaire.
Date: September 4, 2020

Dear:   {{Candidate Name}}               Control Number:  {{Control Number}}    YOU RECEIVED THIS NUMBER IN TEXT MESSAGE

Re: Nehemiah Reset General Election Candidate Questionnaires

            {{Office Title}}

This is a friendly reminder that Nehemiah Reset has designed an online questionnaire to help us understand your position on a few of the issues that concern the electorate as a whole. While it is uncertain whether you will face any or all of these issues in the office, it is possible that related issues will arise and your answers to these questions will permit voters to better understand your general views.

Nehemiah Reset’s mission is to assist the church in creating a Biblical world view as it pertains to relevant cultural issues.  We seek to inform the church, equip it, and mobilize it into action by establishing Salt and Light teams. A key element of our intent to inform the church is providing voter guides for the general election for all state offices and selected local offices in the Twin City Metro Area. We are asking the candidates to participate in the voter guide in order to provide the voters with information about today’s issues.

We thank you for your willingness to serve your community and for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.

If you have not already filled out the candidate information, please go online to this link (Nehemiah Reset Candidate Voter Guide Questions) and put in your email address and the control number at the top of this cover letter to enter the answers to the questionnaire. The control number provided above is your indication to us that you are the one entering the answers.

As an additional service to the electorate and the candidate, we are also providing each candidate a page which provides some resume information on the candidate background, any websites where the electorate can get additional information, and a candidate statement as to why they should be elected. You can go to this link (Candidate Page Questionnaire) and input the same control number along with the information that you want to include on your candidate page.

Please answer these questions by September 15, 2020 (we have extended the time frame), which is the last day we will accept candidate answers. If we do not receive your answers by that date, we will list you as not answering the questionnaire.

If you have any trouble with our online system, please send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Nehemiah Reset Voter Guide Team