Here’s a setting for a Graham Greene novel, a seedy film noir in the 50s, or a real-world report by a democracy activist embedded in some wretched central Asia backwater:

In a country where the candidate of the ruling elites unexpectedly lost to an insurgent, the regime’s secret police, official media, and permanent bureaucracy combined to thwart the people’s will. They undermined, frustrated, falsely prosecuted, and finally ousted the opposition candidate in a murky election full of gross irregularities — which the regime’s friendly judges wouldn’t investigate. Protestors who demanded investigations were persecuted and imprisoned for obscure, even made-up crimes — while violent mobs friendly to the regime who’d terrorized whole cities went unpunished.

That opposition candidate doggedly insisted on running again for office. So the regime invented a long list of political crimes of which it accused him, trying to keep him off the ballot. Its judges attacked his business interests, prosecuted his advisors, and banned him from most media. When the insurgent wouldn’t back down, the regime’s judiciary slapped a gag order on him, intended to cripple both his legal defense and his quest for political office.

Meanwhile, leading members of the supposed opposition party colluded with the regime, funding its prosecution and intimidation of the dissidents the opposition supposedly represented. Rogue members of the opposition party responded by ousting their compromised leaders, after which dozens of their fellow party members threatened to vote with the regime, to strip the rebellious faction of any voice in government.

Guess Which Country I’m Talking About

So … is that Honduras in the 1950s, Turkmenistan in the 1990s, or the U.S. in 2023?

Before you answer, read this report by Julie Kelly, one of the most important journalists in America. She was actually in the courtroom as the robed kangaroo Judge Chutkan issued her gag order on President Trump:

And here’s a U.S. senator offering perspective:

Now, I’m not writing about this to pump up rage at Democrats. That’s like getting angry at alligators, for trying to bite off your legs. Gators gonna … gator. That party is no longer a mainstream, patriotic organization. It hasn’t been since Barack Obama mainstreamed Marxists, terrorists, Islamists and other enemies of our Constitution — and filled our Deep State with men like one-time Communist Party member John Brennan.

That bloodthirsty hack (who killed countless thousands of foreign civilians with ham-handed drone attacks) ran the CIA through Obama’s term, and continues to abuse his security clearance and intelligence links to harm our country today. Brennan was one of the leaders in the election interference operation that saw Democrats and establishment Republicans (Bush appointees) join hands to dismiss Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.” With no evidence, since none existed. It was just a straight-up propaganda ploy, of the kind our CIA uses in “color revolutions” intended to overthrow foreign governments. Thanks to George W. Bush and the Patriot Act, our intelligence community can now launch such initiatives right here in America.

Defund the Deep State, or Stop Pretending You’re an American

Here at The Stream we have documented how the intelligence agencies now constitute a fourth, and the highest, branch of government. It’s totally unaccountable to courts, the executive branch, and even to Congress — unless Congress is willing to man up and defund such agencies. That issue (defunding Jack Smith’s political persecution of Trump) was what led Rep. Matt Gaetz to spearhead the removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. And wouldn’t you know it, the prospect of replacing him with a patriot such as Rep. Jim Jordan has led a number of sold-out GOP “controlled opposition” assets of the Biden regime to threaten to join the Democrats, in stripping the Republicans of the control of our last branch of government.

Again, I don’t blame the Democrats. Their party is no longer under human control, but is instead fully operated by principalities and powers, whose hunger for the blood of the unborn and the severed genitals of children will not be denied. The only response to “political” programs that stink of brimstone is prayer and fasting. We don’t elect men to Congress and expect them to serve as exorcists.

The Real Enemy Is the Enemy Within

No, I blame the men and women who claim during campaigns to represent conservatives, Christians, parents, and working people — then in office instead cozy up to the hostile Regime that rules us like infidel serfs. I don’t expect men like John Brennan to tell the truth about FBI investigations of the Bidens. But I might have expected that of appointees of Republican presidents who claimed to be pro-life Christians and patriots.

It’s clear that there is a Uniparty, intent on defending Ukraine’s borders but not our own; on speaking up for freedom in Iran but not in America; on clinging to control at any price whatsoever, including the Constitution. Republicans (like many of those in the presidential race) who parrot our masters’ talking points about January 6, or the 2020 election, or the COVID panic, aren’t our imperfect friends. They’re the enemy within. And they are the people we must focus on politically dismantling, exposing, and utterly defeating.

The great Charlie Kirk gives us the list to start with:


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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