Afghan “refugee” Sulaiman attacks Michael Stürzenberger with a knife Friday

Leading German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger was attacked by a crazed Muslim with a knife and nearly killed at a rally in Mannheim Friday. A police officer was also seriously injured after tackling the wrong person and turning his back on the terrorist. A total of 6 people were injured.

Michael Stürzenberger has been raising awareness of the threat posed by what he calls “political Islam” since a friend of his was killed in the Mumbai Hotel Attack 2008. Stürzenberger rejects the use of terms like “radical Islam” and “Islamism,” claiming that Islam is not merely a religion but a political ideology that always seeks to assume power once in the plurality.

Thoroughly censored and defamed by legacy media, he holds street rallies with supporters of the Civil Movement Pax Europa (BPE), where he often debates with angry young Muslim men in amazingly cool-headed fashion.

The German government has sought to jail him on ridiculous charges, even though Stürzenberger takes great pains to obey the law and refrain from attacking “all Muslims.”

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the campaign against Stürzenberger for years.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a video of Stürzenberger and fellow Islam critic Irfan Peci 2023, in which a young Muslim man stated “we must use violence to institute an Islamic state once Muslims are a majority”.

Stürzenberger and his supporters have continued their brave work despite constant death threats and occasional attacks.

Now, after pro-Hamas protestors have taken to the streets in Germany unopposed, calling for the institution of Sharia law and a caliphate in Germany, an Afghan man identified as Sulaiman (25) felt emboldened enough to attack Stürzenberger with a combat knife in Mannheim Friday, May 31.

The video makes clear the police, who are usually tasked with harassing Stürzenberger and supporters rather than defend him, did not know how to respond.

The first officer to intervene tackled a Stürzenberger supporter and was then stabbed in the neck after turning his back on the terrorist. One of six officers looking on finally opened fire after 15 seconds, injuring the terrorist.

Complete livestream of BPE event in Mannheim:

The Gateway Pundit is in touch with Michael Stürzenberger in his hospital bed, from where he sends thanks to all his supporters. He was stabbed in the face from the cheek to the lips, the chest near the lungs, and the thigh near an artery.

Fortunately, he is now in stable condition and vowing to continue the fight for freedom with a smile:

“It was really close call yesterday. Just now, four doctors came for the ward rounds.”

“The stab wound to the side of the chest, which went towards the lung, could have been life-threatening.”

“The stab wound to the thigh hit veins and caused significant blood loss.”

“There was also a second stab wound to the leg above the knee, fortunately without injuring the tendon.”

“The injury to the upper arm is relatively minor. It’s different with the stabs to the face.”

“I have staples in the side of my jaw. The upper lip was stitched, I had a gaping open wound up to the teeth.”

“A big thank you to all the doctors and the facial surgeons who came especially from a specialized clinic.

“What a single Afghan “refugee” can do with a knife…“

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders expressed his support for Stürzenberger:

‘”Terrible! Michael Stürzenberger – who has interviewed me several times – is now the victim of a cowardly act of terror.”


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