Failed candidate for Florida Governor, Nikki Fried, is unable to understand basic science.

When asked by Florida Voice reporter Owen Girard reporter whether a transgender woman can give birth or get an abortion, Fried, who now serves as the chair of the Florida Democrat Party, was stumped.

“I am not a doctor.”

Fried appeared outside the Florida Supreme Court as oral arguments were underway on a ballot initiative that would enshrine a constitutional right to abortion in Florida.

Fried continued, “This amendment speaks for itself. It goes back to medical professionals – not politicians, not elected officials – telling people what to do with their bodies.”

Last year, “Floridians Protecting Freedom” launched a multi-million-dollar campaign to enshrine abortion on demand in the Sunshine State and succeeded in obtaining the signatures needed to put the initiative in front of Floridians on the November 2024 ballot.

According to LifeNews, Florida Attorney General Ashely Moody penned a letter to the Florida Supreme Court calling the ballot language deceptive in reference to the term “Viability” calling the language misleading.

The oral arguments on Wednesday focused on the disposition of the deceptive ballot language.

Pro-life warrior Frank Pavone was the keynote speaker at a rally outside the court defending life.


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