Republican U.S. Congressional Candidate Kathleen Winn (AZ-06) recently spoke to The Gateway Pundit about her primary race against GOP Rep. Juan Ciscomani following his controversial vote in favor of the $1.2 trillion spending bill.

Instead of voting against the bill, which empowers Biden’s border invasion, the Representative of southern border towns in Arizona allocated taxpayer dollars to fund full-term abortion services and transgender youth services, including sex-change surgeries for kids.

Ciscomani’s district, which includes Arizona’s second-largest city, Tucson, sits just northeast of Sasabe, Arizona, which is reportedly the number-one hotspot for illegal border crossings into the United States.

CBS reports,

Nestled between the Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation and a highway that connects Tucson with Nogales, Mexico, this area in southern Arizona is one of the most remote stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border. For the past months, it has also been the busiest region for Border Patrol apprehensions of migrants entering the U.S. unlawfully.

Undeterred by miles of border wall, violent Mexican cartels and a treacherous terrain with extreme temperatures, migrants have been crossing into the Tucson sector of Arizona by the hundreds, and sometimes by the thousands, each day — often with the help of smugglers.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, RINO Juan Ciscomani (R-AZ) was disinvited from attending a church in his district out of condemnation for his yes vote in favor of abortion and youth LGBTQ organizations while the southern border catastrophe rages on.

EXCLUSIVE: “Ciscomani’s Vote Was an Attack on Christianity” – Tucson, AZ Church Disinvites Rep. Juan Ciscomani from Attending Service Following Vote for Spending Package That Funds Abortion, LGBTQ Organizations, and Child Gender Transitions

Ciscomani was one of the 101 RINOs who voted for the massive spending bill to avert a government shutdown. The bill received more support from Democrats than Republicans.

The vote—286 to 134—had 185 Democrats and 101 Republicans voting ‘yay.’ It was later passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Ciscomani was the only Representative in the Arizona Republican delegation who voted in favor of the bill.

The disastrous omnibus bill does nothing to secure the border while allocating millions of dollars to funding full-term abortions, LGBTQ programs, and youth gender transitioning programs. It also funds the Biden Regime to continue its attack on the Second Amendment with a federal gun-grab operation to keep firearms out of the hands of people who they say “pose a threat to themselves and others.”

“Ciscomani’s vote was an attack on Christianity,” Kimberly McAllister, the wife of The Bridge Church Pastor David McAllister, told The Gateway Pundit. “It was an attack on Christian values, and not just Christian values, conservative values, and on people who care about family and children. You don’t have to be a Christian to hold these values,” she continued while comparing Ciscomani to a “liberal Democrat.

McAllister added, “It was just such an attack on everything that we hold dear: family, life, protection, law and order, the border. I mean, so many things; it was one after the other, but as a church, the cultural issues of the LGBTQ and transgender agenda, the abortion, those are a big thing for us.”

Kathleen Winn told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson that she has already gained enough signatures to get her name on the ballot for the July 31 Primary. Meanwhile, Ciscomani’s efforts to get signatures on his ballot petition have actually driven more voters to sign Winn’s petition.

Support Kathleen Winn and donate to her campaign here. You can also read Winn’s Op-Ed on The Gateway Pundit, “Every State is a Border State—The Reality of the Southern Border Invasion,” here.

Watch the full interview below:

CONRADSON: “People that live in your district, how do they feel about this vote to not secure our border?”

WINN: “I think it’s in accordance with every other vote he’s taken. It’s why he’s being primaried. He’s being primary because he’s tone deaf to the concerns of the people in the district. We have six Republicans in our state, and five of them vote the same, and Juan votes with the Democrats. And this last vote puts him up at 57% of the time he’s voting with the Democrats.

And this bill — he thinks he’s Santa Claus, because the money that he’s getting for projects in the district, he’s proud of that with no regard for the taxpayer dollars that he has the ability, he has the control, the power of the purse to shut down the border, and like you said, Jordan 44%, I want to underline that 44% of all illegals coming into this country are coming through the Tucson sector, that’s our district, and you don’t use that as a negotiation point to stop the massive funding and giving away dollars that we don’t even have to secure this country. His priorities are just not in a correlate with the voters of this district.”

CONRADSON: “Eli Crane and Andy Biggs, they’ve both spoken out on this — great congressman from Arizona — we need to shut the government down if the Biden Administration is not going to shut the border down. It seems that the rest of our Republican representatives are on board with that voting against this, quite frankly, disgusting bill to leave our border wide open. What do you think of that shut down the government until we shut the border down?”

WINN: “I’ve always been an advocate to shut down the government until we secure the border. I don’t want to just shut down the government just for no good reason, but until we are safe as a country and safe as a nation, that should be our top priority.

There should be no other priority. And this bill—I don’t remember the number of pages, it was over 1000—and they had it for the too short a time. But what they did spend money on $260 or $86 million for organizations that support full term abortion. So is that really more important than securing the border? That seems to me to be ludicrous and people are upset about that $200 million for yet another new FBI building in Alabama. This is not a headquarters. This is now a subsequent FBI building.

So, I don’t know what our priorities are. But in our district the people here, they want to be safe, and we almost have half the illegal immigration coming through where we live. It’s a total disconnect. So, I don’t know how you say I’m representing the district, I’m representing the people that live in southern Arizona and not provide safety, security and a plausible strategic plan for deportation, for securing the border, and for being responsive to the needs of the district. And being responsive isn’t picking out your 10 top charities and giving them millions of dollars, which is what he’s done now.”

CONRADSON: “I want to highlight one thing you said: it allows full term abortions all the way 22 weeks and it provides funding for that. It also does not prevent ice from funding abortions for illegal immigrants, the same with transgender surgeries for illegal immigrants. In addition to that, nearly $4 million dollars of this bill goes to LGBTQ programs, most of which surround so called gender affirming care for minors, gender transitions for minors, hormone care for minors to change their hormones.

I spoke to Kimberly McAllister of the bridge church in Tucson, and she told me that it was so egregious in her eyes that she actually disinvited Ciscomani from even attending her church. They had originally had planned for Cisco to attend the church and not even speak but just come, and after this, she said no don’t even come to my church. And she told me that Ciscomani’s vote “was an attack on Christianity.” What are your thoughts on that?”

WINN: “I don’t know how you say “I stand for Christian values, I am a Christian,” and then vote for full term abortions. They don’t go together, and The Bridge has been so active in our community to fight against transgenderism, drag queen story hour; we’ve worked together, I’ve worked with them. They have been just a real advocate for parents and children in our community.

So what this money went for, we’re talking over 1,700 earmarks, 1,700, and Juan’s patting himself on the back. I think that what the church did is is completely appropriate for where they stand in their beliefs. You know, there’s people that believe in abortion. In our state, it’s 15 weeks, but our laws currently in Arizona don’t support full term abortion. So why you would fund $286 million and say yes to that and then expect to go sit in a church that is against all abortion, you clearly don’t know what or who you’re representing.

And I think many churches I’m finding I’ve received calls from about five churches that I’m going to go get to speak at in the next few weeks because of this issue, this very issue. And then I think you mentioned the clinic to provide hormone therapy for kids — $2 million in Oregon. So, all these monies are being allocated for these special interest projects, these earmarks this pork, and our border is, not secure.

I don’t know why this is so complicated, but the government is dysfunctional, and I think I’m disappointed. I don’t know that I’d have asked for him to be removed, but Congressman Johnson felt that this was the time to put this out there. I don’t understand it at all. And I would have voted with Andy Biggs and Eli crane and the rest of the delegation.

How complicated is it if you say I’m a Republican to not vote with the other members? you were elected as a Republican, and I don’t care what the margin is. There’s nothing moderate about these. These are extreme liberal policies. So How dare you say, I’m a moderate Republican, when your policies that you just voted for are left of left? It’s not what people voted for to begin with, and he has, again, disappointed the voters in our district.”

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