Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) on Friday spoke to The Gateway Pundit about the ongoing battle over a continuing resolution in the House and Thursday’s House Oversight hearing on “The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.”

Gosar joked that he lived rent-free in the heads of his siblings, who have been publicly outpoken against him, during the first hearing in the Biden impeachment inquiry. “I still love them. I still say prayers for them. But I can’t agree with them,” he assured us. “I am still my mom’s favorite.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the full hearing. Watch the full hearing here:

As The Gateway Pundit reported, The Democrats on the Committee repeatedly claimed that the investigations and impeachment inquiry into the most corrupt President in history is highly politicized and an attempt by “MAGA extremists” to distract from Joe Biden’s indictments against President Trump. This is despite the fact that the Biden Regime is attempting to jail their leading political opponent with four separate indictments using Marxist, Soros-funded DAs and far-left federal prosecutors.

TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) for a moment when he stepped out of the hearing, who said the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption and bribery in 23 different countries is “overwhelming.”

“I Think The Evidence is Overwhelming” – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Speaks to TGP Reporter Jordan Conradson Outside House Oversight Impeachment Hearing

The sick Democrats are so desperate to cover for the Biden Crime family that they claimed Joe Biden was simply “guilty of loving his child.”

Gosar commented on this and the proposed solutions to the looming government shutdown on October 1. The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson recently spoke to Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) about this issue and Biden’s impeachment. In the exclusive interview, Crane expressed opposition to a 30-day Continuing Resolution, telling The Gateway Pundit that keeping the spending levels where they are for 30 days “is completely unacceptable when you have all of these issues all over the country,” including the border, the rogue FBI, and America’s escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Gosar told The Gateway Pundit, “I’m not interested in a 30-day CR. I’m not interested in a 45-day CR. I’m interested maybe in a two to three, maybe maximum seven day, temporary funding mechanism while we get our work done, and we ought to be doing that this weekend.”

Gosar discussed budget issues in the House, the Biden impeachment inquiry, and new evidence of their corruption with TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson on Friday.

Listen to the full interview below:

Conradson: Do you think that the House is going to have enough votes for impeachment? I mean, you saw what they did to President Trump; they impeached him twice. And they did it so quickly too. Why is this moving so slowly?

Gosar: Well, you know, they want to do it right. I don’t blame them for wanting to do it right. There are a lot of things going wrong here in this country: the way Donald Trump has been treated, the way we’re spending like drunken sailors, there’s no accountability, there’s no process for the people to have their members of Congress be part of the solution. They were always reserved as part of the problem. So, there’s a lot of a lot of things going on here, Jordan. And in order to get this country back, which it’s slipping away very, very fast, we have got to bring law and order back to the books, equal application of the laws, we have to hold people accountable to those laws and make sure that the good ideas come to the forefront on behalf of the American public; include them not disclude them.

Conradson:  Do you think the House will have enough votes to impeach Biden?

Gosar: I don’t know. Like I said, we may not because there’s still some people dragging their feet, but we got to use this to put the heat on those other people, those prosecutors, federal prosecutors. I can think of one right here in DC. He needs to be drug up here. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that. Who controls DC? Congress. Before, it was Nancy Pelosi with her weird idea of the way Justice is: you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent. That is a bunch of horse—. That’s not the way that our Constitution is configured. So, even if we ought to be doing that, I think that you make a bigger impact by getting after those because think about this, you’re probably not gonna get Joe Biden in the Senate. But make the Senators vote against taking up the prosecutors that have done wrong things, restructure this so that you’re actually holding people accountable. Turn over the J6 tapes, and pay people $5,000 if they find an undercover asset that hasn’t been discovered and it’s proven. Embrace America; don’t run from her, run to her Have her help you. These people that want something to do, put them to work to help us out. We don’t have all the good ideas. In fact, I think we have many of the crappiest ideas here. So listen to the American public.

Conradson: This reminds me of Rashida Talib. The Democrats, during the impeachment hearing, they were claiming that this was all a politicized impeachment with no evidence, which of course, we know is BS. Rashida Talib said in January 2019, about a year before President Trump was impeached for the first time, “we’re going to impeach the mother F–er.” So, do you think that’s political? Is it ironic that they impeached Trump for made-up quid pro quo, and Joe Biden is participating in quid pro quo and bribes all over the world, and they still won’t impeach him? Instead, they steal Republican talking points, pretty much?

Gosar: Well, you know, what I loved about yesterday was that, you know, I have a feeling, I live in my siblings’ heads free of charge. Donald Trump lives in the heads of Democrats free of charge. In fact, he’s dancing. He’s still dancing every day in their heads. They are so anti-Trump. They hate him because he represents what’s wrong with America, what’s wrong with this government, and he’s going to tear it down, and they know it. You know, if you don’t go get the king, and the king gets reelected, the kings gonna take you out, and we need a flush. And I say that properly. We need a flush of this government. We need the 10th Amendment, that’s why Ron DeSantis has got to be a governor of Florida, to send back those powers that We The People, and the States were given that have now been given back to the federal government. We need to flush that back to the states and hold the states accountable. We can’t do this without doing that first. And so, there’s a reckoning coming here. I think the world of the former President. I think that he doesn’t agree with me on everything and I don’t agree with him on everything. But we agree that where we’re at in this timeframe and his policies, how much better would you be off with his policies?

Conradson: Democrats argued yesterday that Biden is simply “guilty of loving his child” and that he’s not guilty of the criminal misconduct that is shown in the evidence, um, would you do this for members of your family just because you love them? What would you do what Joe Biden did for for Hunter Biden?

Gosar: Absolutely not. Absolutely not because what I’ve said all along. They have taken the back end of a stick to me. It takes seven of them, and they still can’t take up their oldest brother, and I’m still my mom’s favorite. I have stood the line. I have taken the hits, and I keep on ticking. And that just tells me you stand for something, you stand for what’s right, you stand with the American people, you will be rewarded by having your voice heard and being helped. And from that standpoint, there’s no way I would break the law to help out my family. It’s not possible because this is a tough love and doing what’s right, and it’s a community. And so if you allow a sibling or a family member to get by, go past collect $200, do not go to jail, you’re not helping the situation, you’re actually enabling the situation.

Conradson: The House Ways and Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday confirmed that Hunter Biden sold access to Joe Biden in 23 countries, including new evidence that shows Hunter used Joe Biden’s influence to gain influence with Mexican billionaires like Carlos Slim. He took Air Force Two to Mexico. Do you think they’re involved with the cartel? You know, is this why Joe Biden has left the border wide open?

Gosar: Well, I don’t know all the things, but I want to see those, and sitting on Government Oversight, we’re gonna get a chance to see those, but it is definite that this individual who’s in the White House has been compromised. It is important to know that and that we need to get to the bottom of this. And so I think that all those documents will set us free, and that’s why we should start like this. That is one place I will tell the speaker he’s right. You start the inquiries, impeachment inquiry with what we talked about yesterday. Johnathan Turley with the legal aspect, the IRS lady with the IRS background, and the forensic accountant who tells you what you should be looking for. So, we should have all this, we should continue on forward, and I know that as our chairman comer has said, you know, read them in weep.

Conradson: Are you aware of any new evidence that they’re going to expose over the coming weeks?

Gosar: I’m sure there is. There’s lots coming, so stay tuned.

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