The U.S. military has faced a number of problems recently in recruiting new soldiers. But Joe Biden’s obsession with pushing woke ideology on recruits instead of teaching them to fight is not helping matters at all.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall unveiled the new Department of the Air Force’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Strategic Plan.

“We are dedicated to serving our Nation by maintaining our status as the world’s best Air Force and Space Force, responsible for flying, fighting, and winning in the air, and protecting and defending our interests in space,” Kendall said in a statement.

“As with any competitive team, our success depends on recruiting and retaining the best talent… The Department of the Air Force’s (DAF) diversity and inclusion efforts are informed by science, business best practices, congressional mandates, data- focused policy reviews and assessments, and the lived experiences of Airmen and Guardians working together every day.”

“Our mission requires the DAF be representative of the diverse Nation we serve. To maintain the pipeline of All-Volunteer Force, we must leverage the diversity of the United States – including racial and gender, but also regional, cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical diversity. Our diversity distinguishes our force and provides us with unique advantages on today’s battlefield and the battlefield of the future,” he added.

The DEIA plan, which aligns with Biden’s White House and the Department of Defense’s DEIA Maturity Model Frameworks, aims to measure organizational effectiveness in advancing the woke DEIA outcomes.

DAF DEIA Maturity Model Levels of Effectiveness (Source: DAF)

It outlines a comprehensive approach, leveraging five categories and nineteen sub-categories to assess DEIA maturity. These categories range from “DEIA Approach and Program Structure” to “Culture of Inclusion.”

The framework allows an organization to assess its current state of maturity based on the three levels of effectiveness.”

DAF DEIA Maturity Model (Source: DAF)

Adding another layer to this complex web of DEIA initiatives is the Department of the Air Force Barrier Analysis Working Group (DAFBAWG). Comprised of seven distinct teams of volunteer employees and service members, DAFBAWG is tasked with identifying and analyzing potential barriers in recruiting and retaining personnel.

These teams are charged with developing plans to mitigate or eliminate barriers based on a variety of factors, including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability status.

Barrier Analysis Working Group

In an email sent to the Air Force obtained by The Gateway Pundit, Kendall wrote:

On 17 September 2023, I signed the Department of the Air Force Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Strategic Plan.

The Department of the Air Force is committed to creating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion and consistently pursues fair, just, and equal opportunities for every member. This requires all Airmen and Guardians to intentionally challenge behaviors, biases, and barriers negatively impacting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Air Force and Space Force leaders at all levels must accept and reflect this commitment every day within every interaction. As we have done for over 76 years, we are confident that our Total Force personnel – Active Duty, Air National Guard, Reserve, Civil Service, and Air Force Auxiliary – will lead the way.

Please take the time to read the attached plan and together, we will continue to improve our readiness by ensuring that every member of our team can serve to their full potential.

One Team, One Fight!

The plan’s focus on DEIA metrics and “maturity models” diverts attention from the core mission of the Air Force: to defend the United States through the control and exploitation of air and space. The military is not a social experiment; it is an institution designed for a specific purpose—national defense.

Earlier this year, Republican senators, including Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.), criticized the Biden administration for being “hellbent” on politicizing the military. They argued that the focus on “woke” policies like DEI training is compounding recruitment challenges across nearly all military branches.

During a hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz questioned Gilbert Cisneros, the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, about a Department of Defense employee under investigation for making racist comments about white people on social media. Cisneros seemed unable or unwilling to provide a straight answer.

This incident, along with the new DEIA plan, suggests that the military is increasingly becoming a battleground for political ideologies rather than a unified force focused on defending the nation.

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