Do not question the woke trans agenda.

A report has revealed that a woman has been denied cancer treatment at a Portland area hospital after she criticized the facility for displaying the trans flag.

The woman in question was identified only as Marlene to protect her identity. She sent a message to conservative activist Chaya Raichik on her popular social media account Libs of Tiktok revealing what happened to her.

As one can see, Marlene’s message was originally sent to a person at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Hospital after multiple prior communications with staff there.


In Marlene’s statement, she notes that other staff members at OHSU were not handling her communications in good faith. She says she feels unsafe coming into the hospital with a massive transgenderism banner hanging behind the front desk.

Moreover, Marlene reveals that she has been getting death threats from radical trans activists.

Credit: Libs of Tiktok

The staffer ignored her pleas and made a decision that can only be described as pure evil. Marlene was told she would no longer be receiving medical care at the clinic due to alleged “ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks” about the LGBTQ community and their staff. She was banned her from their facilities effective July 29, 2023.

Credit: Libs of Tiktok Twitter

Marlene also told Raichik that the hospital demanded that she receive “re-education” training, which she refused. She might end up losing her life for not playing ball with the hospital.

One can expect to hear far more of these stories in the future. Leftists have infiltrated the majority of institutions in America and are all-in on pushing gender identity politics.

This includes the medical establishment, which has helped lead the way in denying science and truth about gender ideology at the expense of others, especially women.

Marlene is currently exploring her legal options. Raichik is requesting people reach out and help her.

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