The two books below are new resources for you to use to bring others to Christ. The first book, The Life Changer,  outlines the arguments that the Christian religion is the one true religion as well as provides arguments to use to bring others to Christ. The author has developed these tools through his experience in bringing Latinos to Christ in South America and in Western Wisconsin.

The second book, Not Beyond Reach,  is authored by Aaron Pierce whose family developed ways to bring young people to Christ in Europe, America, and in other parts of the world.

Both books would be great additions to your book collection and help you solidify your own worldview as well as provide arguements for you to use when evangelizing others.

The Life Changer

The Life Changer seeks to help quench our spiritual thirst for joy, peace, and purpose. It shows us how we can enjoy the life that God wants us to live and how we can have the assurance of spending eternity with Him in heaven.

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The Life Changer provides compelling answers to life’s biggest questions about our identity, purpose, and destiny by using five tests. These five easy-to-understand tests empower us to determine if our spiritual beliefs are true or not. True spiritual beliefs satisfy our minds, hearts, and souls. Discovering whether or not our spiritual beliefs are true enables us to live for God. Isn’t that really exciting?

In The Life Changer, Josh Peterson shares the story of his spiritual journey and his positive experiences with people who have various spiritual beliefs. Peterson takes a fascinating look at the main claims of the Christian faith and the main claims of eight other worldviews. He also shares the amazing stories of more than a dozen people whose lives have been changed by God. After telling these inspiring stories, Peterson encourages us to consider the claims of the Christian faith and the claims of Jesus, who is still changing countless lives all over the world.

Would you like to know if your spiritual beliefs are true? Use this book to help you find the truth that sets you free! Use the tools that are presented in this book to evangelize the lost or even your own kids. Learn the tools that he and his wife use to reach Latinos for Christ.

Not Beyond Reach

How to Share Jesus with the Young, the Deconstructed, and the Non-Religious


A book by Aaron Pierce

How can we engage today’s skeptical post-Christian culture? Old ways of evangelism no longer work with a generation of young people who reject truth, morality, the Bible, and the existence of God.

In Not Beyond Reach, Aaron Pierce, Mission Director of Steiger International, helps us understand the beliefs of millennials and Gen Z and shows us how the way to share Christ with them is through real friendships and authentic conversations.

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