Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison, a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee, provided insights into the ongoing investigation involving Hunter Biden during his Saturday appearance on Newsmax’sAmerica Right Now.”

Addressing concerns about Hunter Biden’s defiance of a congressional subpoena, Burlison emphasized that the Trump family faced unwarranted scrutiny for alleged reasons unrelated to actual crimes, unlike Hunter Biden, who is facing “actual crimes.”

“Trump’s children showed up when they were supposed to,” he said.

Burlison expressed frustration, stating, “It shouldn’t take an act of Congress to raise attention to the Department of Justice and the FBI about their need to actually follow the law and treat Hunter Biden the way they do every other American citizen.”

“He has his entire life, had special treatment, but he’s not gonna get special treatment when it comes to the members of Congress,” he added.

Regarding Hunter Biden’s attempt to bypass a deposition hearing and opt for a public hearing, Burlison criticized the move, asserting, “He wants to skip the part where you actually have to answer questions from prosecutors and investigative attorneys and go straight to the political theater.”

Recounting an incident during Hunter Biden’s press conference, Burlison highlighted an attempt by his staff to confront Biden about his appearance for deposition, emphasizing the congressman’s commitment to ensuring accountability. Burlison noted, “We’re not going to let him have it,” referring to the potential circus that a public hearing might create.

In response to Hunter Biden’s offer to testify publicly, Burlison explained, “He’s violating the norm,” referring to the established procedure where individuals first undergo a deposition before facing public questioning.

Burlison argued that Biden’s choice to skip this step and jump directly into political theater is an attempt to avoid answering questions from actual prosecuting and investigative attorneys and only be “questioned by politicians.”

“The members of the committee, like myself, will be able to read the deposition [first] and then be able to ask intelligent questions in the public hearing, but he wants to skip that part. And if I were in his shoes, I would, too,” he said.

Disputing President Biden’s claim of “no connection” between Hunter’s personal finances and Vice President Joe Biden, Burlison presented facts supporting financial ties within the Biden family.

“There has been a significant amount of money transferred from Jim Biden to his brother, Joe Biden,” and highlighted at least $40,000 originating from Hunter Biden that ended up in his father’s bank accounts; there is a paper trail,” he said.

Burlison accused the president of “grifting” his positions for decades.

He argued that their defense — that they sold influence without delivering on promises — would not hold up in court, stating, “If you’re selling these services, it doesn’t matter how effective you are in achieving it. You still are selling out to the American people.”


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Jim Thomas is a writer based in Indiana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a law degree from U.I.C. Law School, and has practiced law for more than 20 years.

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