Equity In Our Schools

This webinar addresses the question of “Equity In Our Schools”. It includes a video clip from Tucker Carlson on explaining the difference between equity and equality and why societies that are birthed in freedom promote equality and why societies that promote socialism promote equity. The main portion of this webinar is presented by Dr. Josh Mulvihill of Renewantion where he explains how equity is promoted in a school setting. The webinar also discusses four different ways we can respond to the equity movement and the plans being implemented by the left.

Equity is becoming one of the major issues in schools today. In 2021 it will be implemented in almost all metro school districts. To find out more about the types of things that your kids will be facing we have attached a sample of a parent survey sent out by the Eastern Carver County consultant when they implemented their “equity” program. If you hear that your school district is implementing an “equity” program, you should find out what that includes. The survey sent out by Carver County was quite extensive (over 100 questions). Find out who is sending it out, the questions they are asking, who receives the information, etc. Much of this information is personal and it should not be available to teachers about any student.

Attend your school board meeting to find out what your school board knows about the equity program and which school board members support it. You might want to organize a campaign to replace those school board members that support this type of program.

Download Sample Equity Survey
Find Out What School Board Candidates Really Believe

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