Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is back to shoot more sanity into a sensationalized situation. As Christians we are commanded to obey what our government wants us to do in this situation. But that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the fear caused by a media that is hyping this entire coronavirus issue. The media is skewing stats and reporting half-truths. Dr. Dan corrects the misinformation and gives us a first-hand account of treating a coronavirus patient himself.

Here are some of the questions and issues Frank and Dr. Dan discuss:

· Why is the media not reporting the death rate? What is the death rate?

· How contagious is this compared to other viruses?

· You’re treating a coronavirus patient right now. What drugs are working?

· We hear a lot about flattening the curve. Explain what that is, and will we be successful?

· California governor Gavin Newsom thinks 25 million in his state of 40 million will get infected. Is that reasonable?

· We hear we have fewer hospital beds than Europe. How does that give the wrong impression?

· Why is Korea beyond the problem but Italy still has it?

· What do you think will happen in the US with the infection rate in the coming months?

· What is your advice to the Christians and non-Christians listening to this?

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