Disney’s Woke ‘Little Mermaid’ Bigger Bomb Than Previously Reported – Chicks On The Right

The financial losses for Disney’s Little Mermaid remake were greater than initially reported.

The actual production cost was $300 million, excluding promotional expenses.

This is $50 million higher than the previous report of $250 million in costs. (Trending: Renown Doctor Obliterates COVID Vaccine)

Despite filming in the United Kingdom, Disney failed to secure anticipated tax credits.

The film’s global box office revenue was disappointing at $567 million.

Approximately half of that amount went to exhibitors. (Trending: Democrats Prioritize Illegals Over U.S. Military Veterans)

The movie’s $400 million budget resulted in a substantial financial setback for Disney. The movie grossed $285 million in America.

In recent years, critics have accused Disney of going “woke” and forcing LGBTQ propaganda on impressionable children. This has led to boycotts against the company, including its films targeting children.

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