Actress Rachel Zegler is in hot water after interviews from last year have resurfaced showing her trashing the original 1937 animated classic of Snow White. Zegler stars in Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White.

In Zegler’s snide remarks, she claims Snow White’s key love interest Prince Florian is a creepy “stalker.” Her comments are becoming a public relations nightmare for Disney.

Zegler says her new Snow White is “not gonna to be saved by the prince, and she’s not gonna be dreaming about true love.”

Social media erupted with negative backlash.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a condescending, smug Disney princess ever in my life,” one person said.

“If this is the way Disney is trying to get women into watching their films, I don’t think they’re doing it right,” another person responded. “Because she made us sound like women only matter if they are hateful of love, hatful of any kind of romance, and we only exist to thrive and be a leader. Which, hey, it is okay if you want to, but not everyone wants to be that.”

“I could literally write a PhD thesis on the pseudo feminism that is criticizing Disney princesses,” another person wrote.

“Criticizing Disney princesses is not feminist. Not every woman is a leader. Not everyone woman wants to be a leader. Not every woman wants or craves power and that’s okay. It is not anti-feminist to want to fall in love, to want to get married, to want to stay at home, to be soft, to be a homemaker. None of these things make you less valuable as a person or a woman.”

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