These people are shameless.

Rep. Goldman tried arguing on MSNBC that Joe Biden did not know his son Hunter was involved in family bribery and influence peddling deals because he was sad over his son Beau’s illness.

Dan Goldman: Let’s put this in context. Beau Biden got very sick in 2015 and he died in the spring of 2015. Which was right in the middle when Devon Archer had his business dealings with Hunter Biden. At that point, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden began to speak every day because they were both devastated by Beau’s death. They spoke every day.

Let’s take it from there. First of all, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden were best friends and business associates for years at this point.

Secondly, Hunter was so distraught over his brother’s death that he immediately began screwing his brother’s widow.

Next, they will tell us this was Hunter’s sacred place.

These people will even use the death of a family member to push their narrative if it helps them maintain power.

MSNBC hack Jonathan Lemire pushed this same BS earlier today.

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