Democrat State Senator Juan Mendez showed his support for worshipping the devil as he proudly honored and welcomed Satanists to the Arizona Senate last week.

Mendez praised the Satanists for taking ‘noble action’ and said he’s ‘graced’ with their presence.

“Members, I would like to introduce a group of Arizonans – some from my district but they have membership all across the state,” a masked Mendez said during a Senate floor session.

He continued, “They are here to confront the arbitrary, tyrannical authority of religious persecution that’s scheduled for government committee later on today. We are graced with the presence of ministers and members of the Satanic Temple of Arizona. Please stand today. They are at the Capitol today to fight for the rights of their more than 12,000 members of their denomination and the rights of free speech and free exercise of all Arizonans.”

Mendez defended the Satanic Temple and praised them for their noble actions.

“The Temple practices non-theistic Satanism divorced from superstition without any belief in gods or devils. They practice the religious values of compassion, justice, bodily autonomy, free speech, science, humility and noble actions.”

Mendez said the Satanic Temple serves the community with outreach and their goal is to encourage ‘benevolence and empathy among all people.’


The Satanic Temple is also targeting children.

After school Satan clubs at elementary schools and high schools are popping up all over the nation.

The Satanic Temple’s co-founder claimed the Satan Club won’t try to convert children to Satanism or force them to worship the devil.

God help us.

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