Hollywood as we knew it for years is pretty much dead.

Box office sales are often disappointing as fewer and fewer people are willing to pay high ticket prices for the woke and preachy crap that keeps getting churned out in the name of entertainment.

David Mamet, one of the few openly conservative people in the entertainment industry has had enough, and called out Hollywood over this at a recent book festival.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

David Mamet slams Hollywood’s ‘garbage’ DEI initiatives. ‘It’s fascist totalitarianism’

David Mamet is not done lambasting the liberal establishment in Hollywood.

“DEI is garbage,” said the Pulitzer Prize-winning author to a packed house at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. “It’s fascist totalitarianism.”

The playwright and director did not shy away from his trademark expletives or controversy as he spoke about his tell-all memoir, “Everywhere an Oink Oink,” with Times deputy entertainment editor Matt Brennan at USC’s Newman Recital Hall.

His book, published in the fall, details his last 40 years in the moviemaking business and falling out of grace as his politics shifted him from a progressive “red diaper baby” of two communist Jewish parents raised on the South Side of Chicago to a present-day Trump-loving conservative…

“The [film industry] has little business improving everybody’s racial understanding as does the fire department,” Mamet said to a few loud laughs in the crowd. He argued that his colleagues are better off selling popcorn than trying to improve representation for women, queer talent and other marginalized groups.

He is not wrong.

Some recent reports have suggested that lots of people in Hollywood are struggling to find work.

It’s going to get worse. A lot worse.

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