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In order to find out which offices will be voted on in the current year, you should call the city clerk’s office to ask them the following questions for city council positions, mayors, judges, and school board members:

  1. How many positions will be up for re-election this fall?
  2. Who are the current members up for re-election?
  3. Do you know if they will be running again?
  4. When can a candidate start filing for the election?
  5. What is the deadline for candidates to file?
  6. If there is a primary, what is the date of the primary election?
  7. Also, ask what is the best source to get each candidate’s contact information as soon as they file? Does the clerk publish the information or is there another place where this information is readily available?

In the case of the school board and judge elections, you should confirm with the city clerk if these candidates register with the city clerk or do they register with someone else. If it is with someone else, confirm who it is, and contact them. In many cases, multiple cities are involved with school districts so asking this question is very important. Gather the contact information and provide it to the leaders of your Salt and Light team so they can put together a comprehensive list of contacts for your Salt and Light Team to use.

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