LOS ANGELES — In a last-minute bid to nail down the Oscar for Best Picture, director Christopher Nolan hurriedly added a drag queen to his historical epic Oppenheimer.

“That should do it,” said Nolan, splicing a drag queen into the background of several scenes for his new director’s cut. “Cilian Murphy, say hello to ‘Vivi Venus’.”

Though coming into the Oscars as the betting favorite, Oppenheimer‘s original release notably lacked any men in wigs dancing around provocatively. “The film truly is a masterpiece of cinema, an acting tour de force with stunning visuals. However, there are no men exploring their sexuality by wearing fake boobs,” said film critic Laramie Denison. “Oppenheimer may be a historical piece about the atomic bomb, but the Oscars committee might not be able to overlook the complete lack of men in heels twerking. Nolan has made a wise move hedging his bets with ‘Vivi Venus’.”

At publishing time, Nolan had decided to arrive at the Oscars personally dressed in drag to help seal Oppenheimer‘s victory.

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