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(COLLEGE FIX) – The day before a Nevada mother sued her son's charter school for forcing him to take a class that promotes hostility against whites as a race, a Missouri family sued a Catholic girls school for its heavy-handed implementation of critical race theory, at least administratively.

Villa Duchesne subjected the unnamed white plaintiff to 90 minutes of "false imprisonment" in the principal's office, in order to "coerce, intimidate, and threaten" the senior, who is now 18, "into adopting a specific political doctrine," according to the lawsuit.

The school also encouraged and facilitated "race-based aggression" against the student, identified only as "Daughter Doe," that was "promulgated by African American fellow students," the lawsuit says. It has refused to investigate Doe's detailed claims about their behavior, which allegedly violated school policy.

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WND News Services 2021-01-09 19:54:18

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