Help Take Wokeism Out Of Public Schools

In this video we discuss how wokeism is being taught to our schools at all grade levels. Certainly the teacher unions are saying that CRT is not being taught in the elementary grades. This is a lie. It

Help Take Wokeism Out Of Public Schools2023-08-23T15:41:05-05:00

Indoctrination In Public Schools – WWII

This video provides a comparison of today's public schools and Germany WWII schools in that they are indoctrinating kids not educating them.

Indoctrination In Public Schools – WWII2023-08-10T12:02:11-05:00

Critical Race Theory – 3

This video provides the first four of eight precepts about critical race theory. Listen to learn what critical race theory is all about and find out how you can learn more.

Critical Race Theory – 32023-08-11T10:57:49-05:00

Critical Race Theory – 2

This video describes what Critical Race Theory is, what some of issues are and what we can do about them.

Critical Race Theory – 22023-08-10T11:53:09-05:00

Black Lives Matter – 1

This video provides some background information on Black Lives Matter organization and the BLM movement.

Black Lives Matter – 12023-08-10T11:47:27-05:00

Black Lives Matter – 2

This video provides more information about the Black Lives Matter organization and the BLM lmovement.

Black Lives Matter – 22023-08-10T11:45:06-05:00

The 1619 Project – 1

This video describes the 1619 project and some of the problems that it presents and is the first in a series of videos on the 1619 project.

The 1619 Project – 12023-08-10T08:33:19-05:00

Indoctrination In Public Schools – 1

This video discusses some of the indoctrination that is going on in our public school system today. Join us for some of our free online webinars on the public and homeschool programs by going to and selecting one

Indoctrination In Public Schools – 12023-08-10T08:29:14-05:00

Black Lives Matter – 3

This video is the third in a series about Black Lives Matter and provides additional background information on the movement and the organization.

Black Lives Matter – 32023-08-10T08:21:20-05:00

Black Lives Matter Background

This video provides some background information on Black Lives Matter and how it is penetrating our public schools today.

Black Lives Matter Background2023-08-10T08:01:49-05:00

Critical Race Theory Background

This video provides information on the background of Critical Race Theory and who developed it and why.

Critical Race Theory Background2023-08-10T07:57:58-05:00

CRT – Everything Is About Racism

Why do many people argue that critical race theory is all about racism. Find out why by watching this video.

CRT – Everything Is About Racism2023-08-10T07:56:01-05:00
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