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Help Take Wokeism Out Of Public Schools

In this video we discuss how wokeism is being taught to our schools at all grade levels. Certainly the teacher unions are saying that CRT is not being taught in the elementary grades. This is a lie. It

Help Take Wokeism Out Of Public Schools2023-08-23T15:41:05-05:00

Indoctrination In Public Schools – WWII

This video provides a comparison of today's public schools and Germany WWII schools in that they are indoctrinating kids not educating them.

Indoctrination In Public Schools – WWII2024-01-27T15:32:44-06:00

Indoctrination In Public Schools – 1

This video discusses some of the indoctrination that is going on in our public school system today. Join us for some of our free online webinars on the public and homeschool programs by going to NehemiahReset.org/event-listing and selecting one

Indoctrination In Public Schools – 12024-01-27T15:33:54-06:00


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