Today’s Biblical Worldview Status

This video discusses the result of a recent survey that addressed the current status of a biblical worldview in the church and in society in general. This survey gives us a great idea of how both the church

Today’s Biblical Worldview Status2022-03-27T15:42:02-05:00

What Is A Christian Worldview?

This video answers the question, "What is a Christian Worldview"? This short video explains why a worldview is important and what a Christian Worldview is.

What Is A Christian Worldview?2022-03-01T07:38:50-06:00

The Authority Crisis In The Church

In this video, Ken Ham talks about how the crisis in the church has contributed to the fall of our society. Does your pastor talk about evolution vs creationism? Had any recent teachings on Genesis? If your pastor

The Authority Crisis In The Church2022-03-01T07:47:12-06:00

Cultural Issue Vs The Bible

How do you know if the current culture is correct on an issue of it it goes against the bible? Learn how to use the bible as a guidebook on all types of issues.

Cultural Issue Vs The Bible2022-03-01T08:04:23-06:00

Learn How to Build A Biblical Worldview In Your Kids

Take a few minutes to find out how to help your children develop a biblical worldview. Find out why so many parents are losing their kids to today's culture. These are practical steps any parent can take to

Learn How to Build A Biblical Worldview In Your Kids2022-03-01T08:06:30-06:00

What Is A Biblical Worldview?

Learn what a biblical worldview is and why it is important. In this video Mike discusses why everyone has a worldview and what that means. Learn about resources that may assist you in developing your worldview.

What Is A Biblical Worldview?2022-03-01T08:15:55-06:00

The Importance Of Worldview

This video talks about what is worldview, why it is important and how it impacts we view events of today.

The Importance Of Worldview2022-03-01T09:00:55-06:00
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