Why Homeschooling Is Growing So Fast

In this video we discuss why homeschooling is growing so fast and what is causing parents to make this choice. Is the change only the result of the pandemic or is there other reasons parents are making this

Why Homeschooling Is Growing So Fast2022-03-01T08:09:01-06:00

What Are Homeschooling Pods?

Find out what a homeschooling pod is and why it is so important. Discover how to give your kids a biblical worldview and how public school may be damaging all the work you are doing at home and

What Are Homeschooling Pods?2022-03-01T08:10:15-06:00

Homeschooling Opportunity For The Right

Listen to Mike talk about a new opportunity for conservatives in the homeschooling movement. Find out how this is a chance for the right to push for school choice and stop the indoctrination of children in our public

Homeschooling Opportunity For The Right2022-03-01T08:17:53-06:00

Another Top Ten Reason To Homeschool

In this video we present more reasons to homeschool. If you still have your kids in public school, you should watch this video.

Another Top Ten Reason To Homeschool2022-03-01T08:51:27-06:00

Homeschooling Ad V2

This video outlines some of the advantages of homeschooling your kids and why this is important.

Homeschooling Ad V22022-03-01T08:50:01-06:00
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