We Don’t Teach CRT In Our School

I am sure that you have heard this answer before if you have asked teachers or administrators if they teach CRT in their schools. The truth is that they do teach CRT in almost all the subjects but

We Don’t Teach CRT In Our School2022-03-01T08:54:39-06:00

Critical Race Theory Concepts

This video discusses some of the issues with Critical Race Theory and how it is being taught in our schools.

Critical Race Theory Concepts2022-03-01T09:01:37-06:00

Critical Race Theory Is All About Racism

In this video we reveal the real truth about critical race theory, it is all about racism. Although proponents claim CRT is to help solve racism, the real truth is that it creates more racism than it solves.

Critical Race Theory Is All About Racism2022-03-01T09:02:17-06:00

Critical Race Theory Background

This video provides information on the background of Critical Race Theory and who developed it and why.

Critical Race Theory Background2022-03-01T09:11:31-06:00
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