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Cultural Issue Vs The Bible

How do you know if the current culture is correct on an issue of it it goes against the bible? Learn how to use the bible as a guidebook on all types of issues.

Cultural Issue Vs The Bible2022-03-01T08:04:23-06:00

Should Christians Be Involved In Culture

Mike discusses what God has to say about Christians being involved in the Culture. Jesus had some specific comments about our role in the culture in which we live. Find out what our role is to be.

Should Christians Be Involved In Culture2022-03-01T08:06:54-06:00

How To Become A Christian

Listen to Laura talk about how to become a Christian. She presents the ABC's of salvation and how it doesn't depend upon what you do but what Christ did for us. It is a FREE GIFT that Jesus

How To Become A Christian2022-03-01T08:07:20-06:00

Christians and Culture

Should Christians be involved in the culture? This video encourages Christians to seek God's direction on how they can influence the culture for righteousness.

Christians and Culture2022-04-20T13:59:48-05:00
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