More About The 1619 Project

In this video, we provide more information about the 1619 project and why the progressives are pushing this project as a means to change U.S. history.

More About The 1619 Project2022-03-27T15:41:53-05:00

1619 Project Issues

Learn more about the 1619 project and why it is teaching our kids a distorted view of history,..

1619 Project Issues2022-06-03T11:36:33-05:00

1619 Project Impact On Education

This video discusses the impact of the 1619 project in the classroom and how it is being used to change history and why. Find out why it is so important for progressives to change the history of the

1619 Project Impact On Education2022-03-01T09:07:12-06:00
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