The war in Israel and to a lesser extent the House Speakership saga has buried to the back pages several important developments in the cases involving Joe Biden and the Biden family businesses. And for that matter, their dog. Let’s take a quick look.

Biden Sits Down With Special Counsel Bob Hur

Special Counsel Robert Hur, assigned to investigate Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, had been silent so long there were concerns he’d been swallowed up in the Bermuda Triangle. Yet, when questions arose as to where Biden was during the two days following the terrorist invasion of Israel, Hur popped up. Turns out he spent Sunday and Monday of last week interviewing Biden at the White House.

Normally, a president being grilled by a special counsel is big deal. If they’re being grilled about their own potential misdeeds, a huge deal. However, the White House didn’t think we needed to know about it and scheduled the interview for what was supposed to be a quiet holiday weekend. They were mum on it getting pounded for Biden’s calling it a day before noon, as terrible news was unfolding overseas.

What did Biden say about the classified documents from his time as Senator and VP — papers he had scattered from D.C.’s Chinatown to Boston to the shade of his fancy Corvette? We don’t know. We can guess this much: If he were given a dime for all the times he said “I don’t recall” during the deposition — because that’s a traditional dodge in these things — he could buy a 2nd vintage ‘Vette.

Still the fact Biden was interviewed suggests that Hur is likely wrapping up his investigation. Not that it’ll lead to an indictment. You can’t indict sitting presidents.

However, it could lead to more fodder for the impeachment inquiry. Especially with new evidence emerging about when the White House knew about these classified documents.

Timeline Offered For When White House Knew About Biden Classified Documents Blown to Shreds

As Jonathan Turley wrote on Monday, new evidence suggests the White House has been fibbing about when it became aware of Biden’s problem with classified documents. And that could add to the impeachment case for obstruction.

The official story has been that Biden’s lawyers stumbled on some classified documents in November 2022 while cleaning out his office at the Penn Biden Center. They immediately contacted the FBI. (Unlike Trump, or so they kept saying.) Turns out Oversight Chairman James Comer discovered the White House and Biden attorneys had been dealing with the documents since March of 2021.

“President Biden’s timeline was incomplete and misleading,” Comer declared in a statement. “It omitted months of communications, planning, and coordinating among multiple White House officials, Ms. [Kathy] Chung, Penn Biden Center employees, and President Biden’s personal attorneys to retrieve the boxes containing classified materials. The timeline also omitted multiple visits from at least five White House employees, including Dana Remus, Anthony Bernal, Ashley Williams, Annie Tomasini, and an unknown staffer.”

Comer has more questions. He wrote Hur demanding to know if these squirreled-away classified documents were connected to foreign business dealings of Joe and the Biden Family. Did they have to do with Ukraine, China, Romania, etc, or are we talking agriculture projects for the Sudan? Comer seems to believe there could be a connection.

Tens of Thousands of Emails With Hunter’s Companies

And he’d have good reason to think that. You know how Biden insisted he had no knowledge of or involvement with Hunter Biden’s business dealings? A FOIA request from America First Legal was able to finally pry out the truth from the National Archives. Joe Biden and his VP office were sending emails to Hunter’s businesses like Macy’s before Black Friday.

Thanks to the FOIA, we now know that Joe Biden’s VP office exchanged 19,335 emails with Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca, and other businesses and associates of Hunter and James Biden. Biden was VP for 8 years, or about 2922 days. That comes out to 6.6 emails a day.

Quick poll. How many emails does your office send your kid’s workplace?

Biden’s Being Investigated Over Commander and Workplace Safety?

We close with a story far less significant than corruption and potential compromising of our national security. But just like it’s comforting to watch cute animal videos after absorbing the day’s dark news, we’ve got to mention the family dog Commander.

You know how Commander — just like Major before him — had to be sent packing after biting a dozen Secret Service and White House staffers? The Washington Examiner reports that Rep. Virginia Foxx is asking the Occupational Health and Safety Administration to conduct a workplace safety inquiry. Said Foxx, “I am requesting the information that the White House and the Department of Labor have on file related to workplace accidents and injuries at the White House to ensure the White House is living up to its expectations of the private sector.”

Think of how crazy the dog would have gotten if he had come upon the cocaine left around the joint.

Seriously, this White House being — well, this White House — is trying to sell the idea that Commander … like Major … couldn’t deal with the stress of living in the high-pressure environment of the White House. (As if they had the doggy making decisions in the Situation Room.) According to U.S. News and World Report, dogs have been at the side of presidents going back to Washington with only two major incidents: George W. Bush’s dog Barney bit a journalist and Teddy Roosevelt’s bull terrier Pete tore the pants off the French ambassador.

But one dog biting a dozen people? After his predecessor Major was also removed for repeated biting incidents? 

We have a hint of why. A clip of Biden kicking Commander made the rounds a few weeks ago. A deceptive clip, you might say. Unfairly played up. Well, you know how Biden keeps stumbling on steps and moves around so gingerly? One reason, according to his doctors, is because of the foot he fractured during the transition.

Anybody remember how that happened? Biden explained it himself to CNN:

“What happened was I got out of the shower. I got a dog and anybody who’s been around my house knows — dropped, little pup dropped a ball in front of me. And for me to grab the ball. And I’m walking through this little alleyway to get to the bedroom. And I grabbed the ball like this and he ran. And I’m joking, running after him and grab his tail. And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug. And I tripped on the rug he slid on. That’s what happened.”

Ask a vet. Pulling a dog’s tail can cause spinal damage and cause a dog to lash out. Pulling a dog’s tail is a no-no.

And so is pulling the leg of the American people.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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