A California nanny has been charged with molesting a baby girl she was hired to care for and sending images of the abuse to a man she met online.

Michelle Nicole Hidalgo, 28, was first arrested by the Contra Costa County Police last month after they received a tip from an unnamed social media platform saying that she had allegedly shared child pornography on the platform.

After going through her social media history, police found conversations with a man demanding “worse and worse” images of the infant, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

Contra Costa County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force seized “equipment used in the production and distribution” of the child pornography in her home.

Hidalgo still worked for the victim’s family at the time of her arrest.

Additional charges have since been added related to the molestation of the infant.

“On top of the four felony counts of child pornography she previously faced, Hidalgo has now been charged with a further three counts of child molestation of a victim under 10, and of using a minor for sex acts,” the Daily Mail reports.

When confronted about the images by a detective, Hidalgo confessed but claimed it was a “stupid” one-time “mistake.”

Despite the confession, Hidalgo pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

District Attorney Diana Becton has not ruled out the possibility of Hidalgo having other victims.

Hidalgo is currently being held on a $2.7 million bond and faces up to 60 years to life in prison if convicted.

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