A Superior Court judge in California on Friday declined to block enforcement of two controversial policies enacted by the Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) — a ban on teaching critical race theory and a transgender notification policy.

Riverside Superior Court Judge Eric Keen, without elaborating, denied the challenges to the school district’s policies, the East Bay Times reported.

“This is a win for commonsense, parents, and the safety of students,” Robert Tyler, President of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, said in a statement obtained by Newsmax. “TVUSD is committed to providing a quality education free from political agendas and free from dishonest and divisive curriculum. This ruling allows TVUSD to continue implementing these sound policies.”

The Temecula Valley school board voted 3-2 in December 2022 to ban CRT, and last August passed a policy, 3-2 again, that requires district officials to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender.

Similar trans notification policies were adopted in California school districts Chino Valley, Murrieta Valley and Orange Unified.

A lawsuit was filed by political activists and the Temecula Valley Educators Association to block the measures.

“Despite the small but vocal opponents that seek to rewrite history and indoctrinate students, I am very optimistic for our school district,” school board President Dr. Joseph Komrosky said in the release. “I believe that the diversity that exists among the District’s community of students, staff, parents, and guardians is an asset to be honored and valued. These policies were enacted by the school board to ensure our district puts the needs of students and their parents above all else.”

Komrosky faces a recall election on June 4. Another conservative member of the board, Danny Gonzalez who voted in favor of the policies, resigned in December. A special election to fill his seat will take place on or around the same time as the recall election.

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