A New Jersey community college cancelled a planned “drag queen story hour” for children attending a “Bring Your Child to Work Day” event at the last minute.

The reading was to be led by an experienced drag performer but was called off the night before to “respect the comfort levels of all involved”.

“I did ask why, but I did not receive an answer,” performer “Harmonica Sunbeam” stated. “This had been planned for quite some time so I was shocked that it was canceled the night before.”

While intended to promote inclusion, the college recognized diverse viewpoints among staff.

Such story hours have become common in liberal areas but anger some parents who don’t want gender ideology and sexuality discussed with young kids in schools and libraries.

“Here’s the deal, if the program is not for you, don’t attend,” Sunbeam wrote following similar backlash in June 2021. “If you want to worry about kids’ well-being, volunteer at an orphanage, feed the homeless kids around the world, join the Big Brother programs.”

The cancelled event sparked debate about parental control over exposure to certain issues.

“Bring Your Child to Work Day was a success at Brookdale Community College, where employees and their children engaged and enjoyed our stigma-free, diverse, and inclusive campus atmosphere,” school spokeswoman Laura Oncea said.

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