Less than a month ago, I wrote a blog titled, “One of Evolution’s Most Famous Stories Gets a Rewrite.” That blog highlighted changes to long-held beliefs about the supposed origin of mankind. Well, evolution is getting another rewrite (this happens regularly), this time regarding the story of the supposed origin of life. Yes, the evolutionary rewrites are endless!

The popular science summary of the article begins this way:

No, oxygen didn’t catalyze the swift blossoming of Earth’s first multicellular organisms. The result defies a 70-year-old assumption about what caused an explosion of oceanic fauna hundreds of millions of years ago.

Why is it that we see the evolutionary story being “rewritten” constantly?

Why is it that we see the evolutionary story being “rewritten” constantly? Evolutionists often say that we get these “revisions” because that’s how science works. As we learn more about the world around us, we change and refine our views. But that’s really not what we see when it comes to evolution. What we really witness is that evolution is such an elastic story that it doesn’t matter if the data or a new find totally contradicts everything they thought before—they just adjust the story to accommodate the new data—and then a year later they will change it again when yet another new find changes “everything we thought we knew.” This is because when dealing with life’s origins, we are dealing with the past—and no human was there to observe it. So evolutionists can rewrite their story over and over. But the Bible’s account of origins has never changed.

So ultimately, why does the evolutionary model change so often? Because it’s built on flawed assumptions about the past! And it’s a blind-faith belief—a religion. A belief that stretches credulity. And because they have the wrong foundation—man’s ideas—they come to the wrong conclusions and interpretations.

The Bible’s account of origins has never changed.

Instead of starting with the ever-shifting opinions of people who weren’t there at the beginning, who don’t know everything, and who often make mistakes—let’s start with the Word of the One who has always been, who knows everything, and who never makes a mistake. Now that’s a sure, unchanging foundation for our thinking!

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