The leftist Labour Party has won the United Kingdom’s general election in a landslide and their leader Keir Starmer will become Prime Minister.

While the votes have not yet been counted, a relatively accurate exit poll has Labour winning a landslide of around 170 seats.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage’s Reform Party is projected to win 13 seats, although their vote share is likely to be considerably higher.

If the exit poll is correct, then the Conservative Party formerly led by the likes of Maragret Thatcher and Winston Churchill has experienced its worst election result in its electoral history.

While styling himself as a moderate, Keir Starer is another far-left proponent of open borders, high taxes and the woke agenda. The man who will hold the post of Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, has previously compared Donald Trump to Nazi Germany and the KKK.

The Scottish National Party, a far-left outfit advocating for Scottish independence from the UK, is also set to have a disappointing night that will extinguish their hopes of seceding from Great Britain.

The Liberal Democrat party, a center-left globalist party, is also expected to perform well and pick up around 60 seats, five times the number they had during the last parliament.


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