On Saturday, Jewish students and their families sat in the U of M football stadium nervously waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin. Would the same pro-Palestine/Hamas supporters who’ve been camped out in the Diag, a vast open space where sidewalks taking students to different locations across the university’s campus converge, disrupt the graduation ceremony? Would they ruin the celebration of the accomplishment of tens of thousands of students who worked so hard to earn their degrees at the “Ivy of the Midwest?” Would violence erupt in the stadium? Would the radical protesters target them because of their faith? Would their Jewish families and friends in the stadium be safe? These are all questions Jewish students at the University of Michigan shouldn’t have had to be asking themselves in America in 2024, but nevertheless, here we are.

BREAKING: Sharpshooters Reportedly Stationed Inside U of M Graduation, As Police Remove Pro-Palestine/Hamas Protesters and Students Shout Them Down, “Shut the f**k up!—-Shut the f**k up!” [VIDEO]

Ever since the unprovoked attack of Israel by Hamas on October 7, 2023, Jewish students attending woke universities across America have been forced to adjust their way of life over fears for their safety, as university professors and administrators on multiple campuses not only condemned the pro-Palestine/Hamas protests but in many cases, joined the radical protesters to show their support.

Last week, something amazing happened. A group of fraternity brothers on the campus of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill jumped in to save the American flag that was being dropped to the ground by a group of radical pro-Palestine/Hamas supporters as they attempted to replace it with a Palestinian flag. The group of brave fraternity brothers stood in a circle and defended the American flag as radical leftist protesters lobbed bottles of water and other projectiles at them in their efforts to make them give up their fight for the flag.

The fraternity brothers refused to give in to the woke mob and, as a result, have started somewhat of a revolution on college campuses everywhere. Spurred on by the bravery of the fraternity on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, students across America who are sick and tired of allowing the Left to spew hatred toward Jewish students and against America on their college campuses have been seen fighting back in viral videos that have been shared across social media platforms.

A new video showing a brave Jewish student at the University of Michigan standing alone as he ripped into a female, pro-Palestine/Hamas supporter on his campus is now circulating on social media.

The video shows a young male Jewish student whom a pro-Palestine/Hamas supporter was confronting after he allegedly ripped down one of the radical group’s posters.

“Why don’t you tell me where you want it?” the pro-Palestine/Hamas supporter asked him.

“I want you to put it everywhere because I hope all your people know you’re supporting terrorists. You’re supporting the genocide of Jews. You’re supporting raping women. You’re supporting killing babies and putting them in ovens. You’re just like Hitler. I hope all of you know that,” he responded.

The Jewish student admonished her, saying, “What you’re doing is shameful—shameful! He continued, “So, distribute that everywhere because you people deserve to know the facts—that you’re manipulated by some terrorists overseas.”

He added, “And I hope whoever is funding you stops! And I hope they get rid of you, like they did at Columbia or Texas!”

Watch the exchange here:

More Jewish students and non-Jewish students need to start sending a strong message to these anti-Jew, anti-Israel, and anti-American radicals that they are not welcome on their college campuses.

Jewish activists like human rights lawyer Brooke Goldstein have been warning about the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses for years but ramped up their warnings following the Oct. 7th attack on Israel by Hamas, the Palestinian terror group funded by Iran. Watch Ms. Goldstein explain to Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo how college professors and administrators are putting Jewish students and America at risk with their radical anti-Israel, anti-Jew rhetoric:

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