Samantha Hudson(right) on Doritos’ Crunch Talks

Frito-Lay and Doritos, owned by PepsiCo, came under fire earlier today for recently hiring a transgender he-turned-she named Samantha Hudson as a brand ambassador after it was discovered that the transgender activist had made sexually depraved social media posts about “a 12-year-old girl” and their little cousin.

One of the posts in question reads, “I want to do hooligan things, like putting a 12-year-old girl in the a**.”

Other posts read, “I just passed my little cousin’s tongue through the v*gina and she smiled at me. The little ones too. They deserve pleasure.” and “I hate women who are victims of rape and who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma. What heavy whores.”

#BoycottDoritos was trending on X this morning after social media users dug up more dirt like this on the pervert.

Doritos is no stranger to virtue signaling and controversy.

In 2015, social justice activism invaded the snack food industry, and Doritos began offering rainbow-themed products to support LGBT issues.

Samantha Hudson

More recently, in June 2020, The Gateway Pundit reported that Doritos participated in boycotting Faceboto to compel them to ban conservative voices, namely Donald Trump, from the platform.

Far Left Companies and Brands – Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe, BMW – Pull Ads from Facebook Until they Ban Conservative Voices and President Trump’s Posts

But both of these pale in comparison to their latest stunt gone wrong.

It got so bad for the brand that they fired the sicko just two days after hiring, and rightly so.

Daily Mail reports,

Doritos has fired a trans artist that appeared in one of its promotional videos after being alerted to her old tweets, including one where she wrote about doing ‘depraved things’ to a 12-year-old.

Singer and activist Samantha Hudson, 24, appeared in a new partnership with Doritos Spain through a 50-second video called ‘Crunch Talks that has now been deleted from the brand’s Instagram.

Doritos told Rolling Stone on Tuesday it would no longer work with Hudson, saying they were unaware of her previous inappropriate posts.

Born Iván González Ranedo, Hudson has identified herself as ‘anti-capitalist’ and ‘Marxist’ in interviews, and claimed in one video to be for ‘the abolition of [and to] destroy and annihilate the traditional monogamous nuclear family.’ As a teen, she has also tweeted about wanting to do ‘depraved things’ to a minor.

They must have learned from Bud Light’s failed virtue-signaling stunt with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which saw beer sales plummet as Americans rejected wokeness being rammed down their throats. Similarly, high fashion brand Balenciaga sparked worldwide outrage after inserting subliminal messages inciting pedophilia and child pornography into their BDSM-themed advertisements featuring children.

TikTok user @koryyeshua8 summed up the controversy in a recent video:

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