Petition Update: We contacted the city manager’s office about this issue and they indicated that all members of the city council favored saying the pledge of allegiance and that this rumor was started from a posting on social media. Because this was no a real issue, we turned off our petition drive.

Background: The Bloomington City Council is reported to be voting on a motion to eliminate the pledge of allegiance at their city council meetings at their meeting on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. This is similar to the action that was tried in Edina and St. Louis Park. We need to let them know that we stand against this action. The pledge of allegiance is an intergral part of being a part of American government which the Bloomington City Council is. Please use this form to send them an email or call them at the number below. You can modify wording of the email to be sent by clicking on the line “To View or Edit Petition“.

Email Addresses:,

Phone No: City Council Office 952-563-8782

Meeting:   2019 Bloomington Civic Plaza
1800 West Old Shakopee Road Bloomington, Minnesota 55431-3027
Dakota Conference Room
5:00 PM

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Bloomington City Council