The Biden-Harris campaign released a series of talking points for Thanksgiving that is sure to launch family dinners into Civil War II on Thursday. Echoing Joe Scarborough, the Biden-Harris campaign says Trump has promised he will be “shooting people at will” if reelected in 2024.

Under the immigration talking points responding to the claim “Trump secured our border!”, the Biden-Harris campaign wrote (excerpt), “Now, if he’s reelected, he’s promising to make it worse: Rounding up Latinos into mass detention camps, ending birthright citizenship, and shooting people at will.”

On Monday, Joe Biden participated in the more civil annual turkey pardon ceremony at the White House.

Biden turkey pardon ceremony, White House photo, November 20, 2023.

The Biden-Harris Thanksgiving talking points were posted with a series of subject matters under the headline, “Your Handy Guide for Responding To Crazy MAGA Nonsense This Thanksgiving,” followed by statements supporting President Trump and Biden-Harris retorts. The first being, “The economy was better during Trump!”

“Trump’s going to protect our Social Security and Medicare!” and “Trump secured our border!”

“There’s no federal ban on abortion, you can still get one–what’s the big deal?” and “Trump is better for workers!”

“World leaders respected Trump and the world was safer!” and “Trump is winning in the polls!”

It was just two weeks ago Joe Biden denied to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy that he was behind in polling to President Trump. Now the Biden campaign doesn’t even bother denying that Trump is crushing Biden in polling.

Good luck with your Thanksgiving Day dinners. But you might want to talk about something less incendiary than the Trump and Biden campaigns with your Democrat family members, like the Hamas war on Israel, perhaps.

UPDATE: Biden called on the country to “come together” in a Thanksgiving phone call with Al Roker on NBC’s Today Show:

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