This new Cold War atmosphere that we live right now has been particularly rough on Georgia.

As the eastern European country tries to forge its non-Globalist path, Tbilisi finds itself disputed by major world powers who all want to exert influence over it.

After the months-long battle for the implementation of the ‘Foreign Agents Law’, the path ahead seems filled with difficulties as pressure intensifies from all sides.

To begin with, Georgia’s hopes of joining the European Union have been ‘put on ice’, mere months after the South Caucasus country was granted candidate status.

Politico reported:

“Speaking at an event on EU enlargement in Tbilisi on Tuesday, Brussels’ envoy, Paweł Herczyński, said that ‘regrettably, Georgia’s EU accession process is stopped for now’ after a decision by the leaders of member countries last month.

The move comes after widespread condemnation over the governing Georgian Dream party’s introduction of a new law that will brand Western-backed NGOs and media outlets as ‘foreign agents’. Critics and legal experts say the legislation mirrors rules used by Russia to crush dissent and shutter civil society groups.”

We can never fail to make up for MSM’s ‘forgetfulness’ to mention that US (The Foreign Agents Registration Act) and many other countries have equivalent legislation.

But Georgia has not stopped in its work against Globalism’s most sacred tenets, with laws that would curtail LGBTQ+ indoctrination.

“Washington has even imposed sanctions on leading Georgian Dream politicians, who it says are ‘complicit in undermining democracy in Georgia’ and undermining its path to the EU. Brussels warned the so-called foreign agent law is incompatible with membership, after granting Georgia candidate status last December, despite warnings of backsliding on human rights and a failure to implement key reforms.”

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That was not the only piece of bad news by the EU ambassador: he also stated that the bloc had frozen $32 million in military aid to Georgia amid what he said was ‘a low point’ in bilateral relations.

Reuters reported:

“Ambassador Pawel Herczynski said: “For the moment, the money that we have planned to transfer to the Georgian ministry of defence, which is 30 million euros, has been frozen. And this is only a first step. There will be other steps.”

Herczynski said that the bloc would ‘gradually diminish’ aid to the Georgian government, and would shift instead towards supporting the country’s civil society and media.”

If there ever was a threat of disruption, this is it.

“Georgia’s Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili called the decision ‘incomprehensible’, the Interpress news service reported on Tuesday.”

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Besides the sanctions on Georgian politicians, the US also implemented last month a new visa policy that ‘will apply to individuals who are responsible for or complicit in undermining democracy in Georgia, as well as their family members’, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Washington is also launching ‘a comprehensive review of bilateral cooperation between the United States and Georgia’.

France24 reported:

“Blinken specified that ‘anyone who undermines democratic processes or institutions in Georgia — including in the lead-up to, during, and following Georgia’s October 2024 elections — may be found ineligible for US visas’ and precluded from US travel, including their immediate family members.

[…] Blinken said it remained the US hope ‘that Georgia’s leaders will reconsider the draft law and take steps to move forward with their nation’s democratic and Euro-Atlantic aspirations’.

‘As we review the relationship between our two countries, we will take into account Georgia’s actions in deciding our own’.”

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Then, of course, there is Russia, accused by the West of ‘inspiring’ both the ‘Foreign Agents’ law and the new anti-LGBT legislation.

It now surfaces that Moscow’s Intelligence Service has raised the alarm about alleged US dirty plans.

Sputnik reported:

“The US has set its sights on engineering regime change in Georgia in the run-up to the coming parliamentary elections on October 26, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service says.

According to the service, the White House has initiated a campaign to undermine the ruling Georgian Dream party. This propaganda crusade will focus on blaming Russia for all of Georgia’s troubles.”

Globalist Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili – who tried to veto the Foreign Agents law but was overturned by Parliament – is expected to play a significant role in this effort.

“She will give an interview to American media, criticizing the government for the breakdown in negotiations for Tbilisi’s EU membership and cautioning about the ‘catastrophic consequences of rapprochement with Moscow’, the Foreign Intelligence Service says.

The string-pullers and handlers in Washington have already given the command to Georgia’s opposition to start fomenting nationwide protests, the security agency emphasized.”

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After the Battle for the ‘Foreign Agents Law’, Georgian Government Pushes 19 Bills Against LGBT Movement, in a Move Sure To Reignite NGO Protests

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