October 1-7 is the American Library Association’s annual “Banned Books Week” – when the Left supposedly highlights threats to free speech. Lately, it’s become a celebration of their obsession to make pornography, sleaze, and LGBTQ subjects readily available to children in schools and libraries across America.

As part of “Banned Books Week” the ALA trumpets their list of the 13 most banned books of the past year. You’ll see this in libraries this week also:

These books are all written for minor children. All 13 are sexually explicit and quite graphic. Seven books on the list also have a focus on homosexuality and/or transgenderism. Some include sexual abuse, rape, incest, profanity, or drug use.

It’s true that parents don’t want those poisonous materials in schools or public libraries, supported by tax dollars. But none of the books featured by ALA are actually banned. Anyone can still buy them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other outlets.

Who is ACTUALLY banning books?

It’s the leftists who are actually banning books. When they decide that a book is “offensive” to their sensibilities, they don’t just keep it out of every school and library (which they can easily do since they control those spaces). They don’t want anyone even to be able to buy it. And their allies in corporate America willingly cooperate to make it virtually unavailable to anyone. That is the overwhelming hypocrisy of “Banned Books Week.”

Removed from Booksellers Everywhere

A prominent example of a truly banned book is our Health Hazards of Homosexuality – What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals (2017). It is a compendium of information from a range of prominent medical sources, including the CDC, medical professional groups, published medical research, and even LGBT medical sources. It’s been praised by physicians and researchers. It reveals a shocking picture that most of the public is unaware of.

For 3½ years it was available on Amazon through its self-publishing platform (because mainstream publishers wouldn’t touch the subject matter). It became an important resource for the pro-family movement. From the beginning, the LGBT movement hated it. But by mid-2020, the Left decided that it had to be made unavailable – i.e., banned completely.

The Leftist book-burners went to work on every company that sold the book. In August, 2020 Amazon suddenly notified us that the book contains “content that is considered offensive” and immediately removed the book from its site. It was also removed as a Kindle e-book. Soon afterwards, it was removed from Target and Barnes & Noble, where it had been on their websites. After that it was removed from the Kobo and Nook e-book sites.

Then after six months of successful e-book sales facilitated by the company Draft2Digital (a distribution service for e-books), they also pulled the rug out from under the Health Hazards e-book. They told us they received complaints that it was “homophobic, promoting hate speech or hate practices.”

After months of searching, we found a printer to help us. The book is now sold exclusively on the MassResistance website – and we are still selling copies worldwide. One library in Idaho (there may be others!) with an honest Library Director has the book in its collection. But it’s routinely refused by ALA-influenced librarians everywhere.

Also Banned: The True History of “Gay Marriage”

The LGBT movement isn’t focused only on that book. Important books by psychologist Joseph Nicolosi and others have received similar treatment. And our most recent book, Corrupt Bargains:How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts (2023) was immediately blacklisted. (Even conservative publishers won’t touch the subject of “gay marriage” now.) It’s a comprehensive history and documentation of political breakdown by conservatives, plus corruption by RINOs and leftists, that caused “gay marriage” to be “legalized” in Massachusetts (the first place in America).

The subject of that book was so “offensive” to the Left that even the Square online site refused to allow our sales channel to process payments.

Fight Back Against the Gaslighting

So this year, it’s necessary for all good people to loudly push back to the lies, hypocrisy, and phoniness of “Banned Book Week.” Besides their obnoxious virtue signaling, they’re really projecting their own obsession with banning information that they don’t like.

Don’t let them get away with this deception! Fight back! At the very least, counter every “Banned Book Week” meme with one of your own – maybe linking to this article!

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