American political prisoner Ryan Samsel who is still being held in prison for madeup charges against him by the Biden regime on Jan. 6

Today, on June 28th, 2024, a significant event occurred in my life that I will always remember. My name is Ryan Samsel, and last night, I witnessed Donald J. Trump’s victory over Joe Biden.

As always, I said my nightly prayer and woke up feeling a sense of goodness that I can’t quite explain. Then, someone informed me that the Supreme Court overturned the 1512(c) charges. I was in a state of shock and disbelief, unable to fully comprehend the news.

Let me begin by sharing that I have endured immense suffering and hardships throughout this entire ordeal since January 6, 2021.  I have been through hell, facing countless challenges and injustices. Why did I have to go through all of this? What did I do to deserve such treatment? Unfortunately, I cannot say that this development will personally benefit me, as my attorney seems indifferent towards my case. Moreover, the judge overseeing my trial is biased and seems to hold prejudiced views. She was appointed by Joe Biden and has shown no willingness to allow me to return home, even for necessary surgery.

For me, this ruling may not make a significant difference, as my lawyer, Stanley Woodward, believes I am a violent person, and Judge Jia Cobb shares the same opinion. However, for many others, this decision is a victory and a statement. It sets our leader, Donald J. Trump, free. We, the Jan6ers, have recognized Trump as our leader, and we also have our faith in Jesus Christ, whom we consider our king. This ruling gives hope and demonstrates that if we stand up and fight instead of surrendering like cowards, we can achieve success.

I must admit that I was disappointed with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold the media’s power. It felt like a blow to my hopes for the 1512 charge. However, despite this setback, I firmly believe that my suffering was not in vain. Even though I may not benefit directly from this ruling, I find solace in the fact that others will. I am proud of those who have lawyers willing to stand up against corrupt and cowardly judges. Throughout my journey, I have experienced beatings, confinement, and degrading treatment.

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I vividly remember the faces of the young students in the jail, and I was sitting in restraint chair in my own urine very run down looking I felt a deep sense of purpose. I realized that I was enduring all of this for them, even though they were unaware of it. I refused every opportunity to lie and betray others, including Trump, by signing a guilty plea. I knew that by doing so, I would be sent to the most dangerous prison in America, where people are often killed. My judge ensured that outcome because I encouraged others to fight, to never plead guilty, and to never give up. I was labeled a radical, but those who labeled me as such did not experience the same suffering I did. They did not lose their father, their sight, or their ability to speak to their spouse, who holds power of attorney. Unless one has been in my shoes, it is impossible to fully comprehend the magnitude of these experiences.

I prayed relentlessly for justice, and today, I received a small glimmer of it. Even though I will remain behind bars for now, I am filled with pride for my friends who will be released. Please, never forget the sacrifices we made and cherish your freedom. I wept alone in my cell, not out of jealousy or anger, but because I know that my brothers and sisters will soon be reunited with their families. Deep down, I feel like my suffering and beatings were not in vain. I know that I am not alone in this sentiment, as many others have also endured their own trials. I am incredibly proud of those who chose to go to trial because their courage and pursuit of truth ultimately set others free. To those who pleaded guilty, I do not want to hear any regrets or feelings of inadequacy. You refused to stand strong in the face of tyranny.

I want the media platforms that abandoned us to know this: you left us behind. I have no apologies for saying this, but Jim Hoft at Gateway was the only one who gave us a voice from the very beginning. Where were the others? Where was Lindell TV, InfoWars, Fox News, and conservative AM radio? None of you stood with us during this challenging time. I have been denied access to almost every media network that claims to be God-fearing and patriotic. Are you truly God-fearing, or do you fear the judgment of others? Only a few cared enough to hear our side of the story, and I am grateful for Jim Hoft and those at Gateway for providing us with fair and unbiased coverage. It was because of them that people got to know who we truly are. The overturning of the 1512 charge is not only due to their efforts, but also to everyone who refused to accept a plea deal and chose to fight instead. We knew we would likely lose, but we fought anyway, and today, I can proudly say that we won.

Just as the Spartan said to Leonidas, it was an honor to die alongside you and as Leonidas said to him, it was an honor to have lived by yours.

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