American Liberty and Christian Influence

This webinar consists of two parts. The first part is presented by John Daley, a board member of Nehemiah Reset. John has several years of experience teaching at the college level. John has also been active in politics and is a great lover of history.  One of his favorite historians is David Barton, who along with Mike Huckabee is the speaker in the second part of the presentation.

John will be presenting some background information on how our culture has moved away from our traditional Christian values. He presents the idea that our schools have been turned into indoctrination centers. He also talks about what has happened to our country since our foundation to the present day and how the church has participated in the decline.

Our second presentation is with David Barton and Mike Huckabee. They provide proof that our country was founded as a Christian country and that God has a finger on its foundation. This video gives you excellent arguments to combat those who say are Christian was founded as a secular nation.

Join us to watch this excellent presentation of these two speakers.

Download our information package for the American Liberty and Christian Influence Webinar by clicking on the links below. We have included additional information on the subject discussed and some other information about future and past webinars.

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