Just imagine that you are investor excited about the seemingly endless opportunities that Artificial Intelligence will provide for the future of our Information Society.

You decide to be a part of it, and invest your hard-earned money in one of the leading forces of the business: Alphabet, the owner of Google, one of the largest and most powerful tech companies in the world.

The you sit back, relax and pay attention, assured that Google will kick ass and produce the best, most innovative products, maybe even faster than anyone else. Right?

Well, so far – wrong.

Google’s parent company lost more than $70 billion in market value in a single trading day.

The price move was a result of its ‘woke’ chatbot’s bizarre image ‘debacle’.


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Shares of Alphabet sank 4.4% to close at $138.75 on Monday.

New York Post reported:

“The massive hit came after Google was forced to pause its Gemini chatbot’s image creation tool – which was churning out factually and historically inaccurate images such as Black Vikings, female NHL players, “diverse” versions of America’s Founding Fathers and even an Asian woman dressed in a Nazi-era German soldier’s uniform.

The chatbot’s bizarre behavior could fuel public concerns that Google is “an unreliable source for AI,” Melius Research analyst Ben Reitzes warned in a note to investors.”

Social media users have gone as far as blasting the Gemini tool as ‘unusable’.

While the tumble in the stock price can be reverted, what would happen if an even greater percentage of users grow concerned about Google’s ‘hallucinations and bias’?

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The plunge came on the day that Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, admitted that Gemini’s image tool would be offline for a ‘few weeks’ while the issue was fixed.

“’We have taken the feature offline while we fix that. We are hoping to have that back online very shortly in the next couple of weeks, few weeks’, Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said Monday. Hassabis added that the tool was not ‘working the way we intended’, during his appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.”

Google Gemini’s bizarre behavior is a clear evidence that it received politically biased ‘training’ from the company’s AI ‘experts’ (a.k.a. militants).

“Those complaints surged last week after politically charged tweets by Google Gemini’s product lead Jack Krawczyk allegedly resurfaced last week. In the old posts, which went viral on X, Krawczyk allegedly stated that ‘white privilege is f—king real’ and America is rife with ‘egregious racism’.”

New York Post thinks that the fact that Alphabet ‘does not publicly reveal details about the parameters that govern the chatbot’s behavior’ makes it ‘difficult to get a clear explanation for why it was generating the so-called ‘woke’ images’.

But it’s not difficult at all, really. The people feeding him data are doing it on purpose. The only question is whether they do it behind top management’s back or not.

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This is the kind of thing that conservatives at congress can tackle – because it’s not just the woke images. There’s also the basic chatbot features also filled with crazy bias.

“Additional testing of Google Gemini’s responses raised further alarms – with the chatbot refusing to condemn pedophilia and claiming there was ‘no right or wrong answer’ when asked if Adolf Hitler or Elon Musk is worse.”

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