Agenda Movie By Curtis Bowers

Click on the video image to watch the trailer for the Agenda movie.

The Agenda movie by Curtis Bowers will be shown on a live webinar on Thursday July 8, 2021. If you register for the webinar, you can watch the movie for free. After that date, you will need to order a copy of the movie from one of the links below. The movie is available for purchase at Curtis Bowers Agenda Weekly website, at Olive Tree Ministries – Jan Markell’s website, at The Christian Worldview website – David Wheaton and at Amazon’s website.

If you are interested in supporting one of these ministries, we suggest you order from these websites. On Jan Markell’s and David Wheaton’s website you can order the movies in a Twin Pack to get both movies for a total of $24. You can order the movies separately on Curtis Bowers website for $20 each. These movies are great give always to friends who are unaware of the globalists plans. If you want to order in bulk to pass out to friends, check out Curtis Bower’s website as he provides a quantity discount. Otherwise we have included the link’s below to Amazon’s website where you can order the movies separately.

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